World of Warcraft


Best Regards Sandsten@Kronos 🙂

Tribal Leatherworker – Known recipes
Lots of love to all my fellow guildies in <Agony> ❤




Screenshots and junk

Horde first Chromaggus & Nefarian down! @Kronos


[Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the iQuit club]

Ogre party

Bovine twins. Moo


We are teh sons 😛


sons of agony2

Wingen’s pet stealing my HPS! /poke

wingen impostor

Supreme Leader fanart – “Top kek”


OMG PvP HALP! – “shittiest edit ever :>”

mccormack sandsten bff

So much DDoS:ing — ugh…

kronos offline

Plz sign for raid or u make moomoo cri

kronos offline

This currency is really inflated 5.000.000 (Mooo’s) ~ 1 dkp aprox*
*Citation needed

Kronos AQ40 gates opening screenshots

Attempt at some kewl artwork collage :3
The triforce is joined by Turboen on top, Lazyspawn on the left and Noobsten (me) on the right!
Click here for full size transparent png.

Attempt at a wallpaper. Click here for full 1920×1080 size.


Tzui wnted poster haha (no hard feelings)

Bigboned fanart ❤

So rich he offers 10 000 gold for Swift Zulian Tiger if you win the roll and pass it to him! Zomg!


Kalven fanart – He loves his helmet
Make our commander and chief proud by remembering the importance of bike safety.
Options menu -> Interface -> Show helmet [✓]


Made the highest DKP bid ever in our guild history and won :3
Achievement unlocked: No life haha

Arkemea fan art. With his epic pregnancy pants :3

Manysten continued :>

Manysten continued :>

Are your bags full to the rim?

Too little bagspace for all the consumes?

Remember that Lmory Larry can carry!

Took a year to get Empty Leggings, gonna take another to get that ZG enchant :>

20 man raids or…


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