AHKGameFrontend (Launcher)

Features (so far)

  • Other game launcher support (start another launcher first)
  • Maximized Windowed (also called windowed fullscreen or fake fullscreen)
  • Hide the mouse cursor while the game has focus. New!
  • Disable Windows Keys
  • Launch another program (or script) before or after the game
  • Rename the launcher to AHKGameFrontend_YourGameName.exe to launch YourGameName.


The Elder Scrolls III – Oblivion (Using oblivion script extender which is required for many mods)

For more examples like Skyrim click here!

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Place AHKGameFrontend in your game path. (the place where your shortcut points to)
  2. Run it once to create the INI file, read the instructions there if you wish.
  3. Open the INI file in your favorite text editor.
  4. If you want to use  Windowed Fullscreen set MaximizedWindowed to 1
  5. Depending on the game and your computer loading speed you may need to increase the delay.
  6. If the game uses a launcher that you wish to start first enter the file name into PrimaryLauncher
  7. Rename the file to AHKGameFrontend_YourGameName.exe
  8. Change the shortcut on your desktop to point to AHKGameFrontend!


Download Version 0.3 (mirror 1) (mirror 2)
Source code is included in the zip archive!
You can also fork it on GitHub https://github.com/Nirklars/AHKGameFrontend
Zip MD5: a47c3a3d0b5432194027d7ffb7334d28

Notes & quirks

  • You only need to change Path if the game is located in another folder as the launcher.
  • Sometimes to run glitchy older games you have to run something first or after starting the game. To do this change LaunchAppStart to the application you wish to run before starting the game.

Version History

V0.3 (2013-04-17)
Better default configuration options. This makes more sense. Added “example game”.
V0.2 (2013-04-14)
Added feature to automatically hide the mouse cursor. This is needed in the latest versions of Skyrim if you’re running in windowed fullscreen since the mouse tends to pop up randomly when ALT+Tabbing.
Added an option to retry forcing windowed fullscreen multiple times for pesky games that wont obey. (Dont use this unless you have to. A side effect may create a black bar at the bottom of the screen.)
Bugfix to make sure that the title bar, etc haven’t already been hidden by some other software.
V0.1 (2012-05-28)


5 Comments on “AHKGameFrontend (Launcher)”

  1. Welison Doglas says:

    I found your program while searching for “fake fullscreen” on google because I’ve been having two problems with a few games in fullscreen: some had long loading screens that I could not alt+tab out off, and some would crash my video card entirely. You’ve done a hell of a job and your frontend works perfectly, you’ve even avoided a few pitfalls I was concerned about. Thank you. Excelent work.

  2. lillibilli says:

    There is a way to enforce a windowed mode or a fake full screen mode on an application or game that do not support it (run only in full screen in my case)?
    I tried with this program but it didn’t work 😦

  3. qba says:

    Very good application, PC control from couch is very cool 🙂


    • qba says:

      huh 🙂 in wrong program wroted 🙂 it’s mean for xbox emulator
      sorry 🙂

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