[Addon-Release] GuildRoster to HTML (backup notes)

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I wrote this addon for Vanilla WoW in order to make quick and simple backups of our guild roster and guild bank items. It creates a simple HTML table listing all players in the guild along with rank, notes and officer notes.

It can also create a list of all items on your character and in the bank if you have the bank open. Useful for backing up your guild bank inventory.

It does this by generating a one line html page that you can copy and paste into a text editor. Might require WoWAce library to be enabled to work, I forgot. It’s included in most other addons though.

Instructions to backup guild roster and create a list

  1. Type /gr or /guildroster with the addon installed to get a text dialog box with an OK button.
  2. Press CONTROL+C in order to copy the text.
  3. Open any basic plain text editor like notepad, notepad2 or notepad++ and paste the text in that.
  4. Save the file as anything.html
  5. Open the file in any web browser of choice.

This is a basic example of what the table looks like:

Instructions to backup guild bank items and create a list

  1. Repeat the same steps as before
  2. Instead type /gb or /guildbank or /itemlist to get a box with text to copy and paste.

The results Looks like this:


Version 2
Added /guildbank command to list all items on the character and bank. /gb and /itemlist works the same


Version 2 2017-03-14

Version 1 2017-02-18 [Mirror 1]


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