Addon: WebDKP Sandstens fork for Vanilla WoW

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This is my continued fork of Tzui’s fork of the old vanilla addon WebDKP. It is intended to be used and synced with the website

Added features


  • Fixed minimap position not being saved.webdkp-version
  • Added tooltip with version info of the fork so you know which one youre running.
  • Added easter egg “Morale boost!” 🙂



  • Added feature to give out a specified flat decay to every player in the database.
  • It also automatically corrects negative DKP and sets it to zero.



  • Fixed DKP not giving awarded automatically in AQ40 on Kronos after server update
  • Added the minimap icon command Fix negative DKP



  • Added ability to reward with custom DKP cost so that the winner of a bid can be awarded anything entered.
    This way you can easily use a bidding system like Vickrey Auction (a.k.a. “Second-price sealed bid auction”)

Example usage procedure

  1. Make sure that WoW is not already running.
  2. Before raid: Download log file from website
  3. Start wow and raid.
  4. During the raid make sure to save settings. /reloadui also works.
  5. Disconnecting should not loose any settings but a wowerror will.
  6. After raid: Upload the log file to the website
  7. Double check that it went ok

Example video (watch in 1080p)

Download latest version:
(remove -master from the folder name)

GitHub repo: