XBoxMouse Simulator V1.5 Update!

V1.5 New features

  • You can now invert the volume trigger button hotkeys from the ini file.
    Default key binding: LT decreases and RT is increases.
  • Quickly switch monitor output! Hold down LB+RB and press Enter to switch output to your TV (Sends the key Win+P, please note that this only works on Windows 7!)
  • Extras bonus feature, windowed fullscreen (also called “fake” fullscreen. Holding down Ctrl+Alt and pressing F12 will maximize your current window and remove the borders.
    This will not work on all games. To use this feature on games that replace keyboard input you need an automated delay before applying the setting.

To set “fake” fullscreen in troublesome games please use my other software called AHKGameFrontend. You can configure the delay before applying the setting. You can also set process priority and more.

For those who have tried to modify the code you should know I have begun to cleanup the code for detecting modifier keys, the old solution was very clumsy for humans to read. It will take some time however to clean up.

Download here!

I hope that you enjoy this update!
Best regards, Nick


AHKGameFrontend & MCWorldEditTool

I finally cleaned up two AutoHotkey scripts enough to publish them as applications!


This script enables games to run in maximized windowed aka “fake” fullscreen and sets a custom process priority to the game.
Get it here!


This script makes it easier for users running Minecraft CraftBukkit and using the plugin WorldEdit to manage their server.
Get it here!

I hope these scripts/apps comes of use to someone other than me!
Best Regards

XBoxMouse Simulator V1.42 – Minor Update


  • The mouse speed decrease multiplier now also works with the RB button! I don’t know why I didn’t include this the last time.
  • Mouse scrolling has been reworked. It now features a soft “nudge” when slightly moving the joystick and accelerates after a certain point. Both acceleration and the start of acceleration is configurable in the ini file! Please use small values with decimals if you are tinkering with the values.

Get it here!

XBoxMouseSimulator – Minor version update


You can now double-tap Back to simulate pressing ALT+F4. or hold down LB+Back. (Useful in programs which minimize to tray when pressing escape) The double-tap delay is configurable in the ini file. (Default value is 200 milliseconds)

The mouse speed decrease multiplier has been added to the ini file. This enables the possibility to increase mouse speed (if you like) when holding down LB by typing a decimal value smaller than 1.oo for example 0.5 will instead double the mouse speed.

Get it here!

Use your XBox 360 controller as a mouse – New version of XBoxMouse!

I have made a small update on my XBoxMouse software! Now smoother use of the ALT+TAB function using LB+RB.
Also holding down LB will now slow down the mouse cursor.

Get XBoxMouse Simulator version 1.40 here!

Still open source for anyone to adapt and/or build on!

New version of XBoxMouse simulator

Cleaned up code, replaced the about/help dialog and modified the joystick detection script!
Get the latest version now!

Best Regards

Added older software DialuxBackup-er

Added page “DIALux backup-er”

I wrote this tool about a year ago to manage quick background backups.