MCWorldEditTool – Remote selection, Hotkeys

Update: This tool is not needed anymore in more recent versions of WorldEdit. Please use the /farwand command instead! 🙂


  • Quicker selection of remote areas. (I got tired of typing //hpos1 and //hpos2 all the time…)
  • Faster issuing of commands using Numpad
  • I made this script to help me repair broken biomes faster. This is useful on older worlds.
  • NumPad shortcut bindings. Save your code!
  • Configure all the keys! Right click the system tray icon, click “Edit Advanced Settings“, modify to your liking and reload to apply the new settings.


There is no installation. Simply extract, run, and start Minecraft.

Default Controls

To issue a scripted command, hold down the ALT key and press:

  • Left mouse button //hpos1 (Select start/center point at any distance)
  • Right mouse button //hpos2 (Select second point)
  • Midde mouse button //sel (Clear selection)
  • Mouse button 4 //outset 1 (Expand selection)
  • Mouse button 5 //inset 1 (Contract selection)
  • Mouse wheel  //sel polygon/cuboid/sphere/ellipse/cylinder/extend/cuboid (Change the selection tool)
  • Numpad1-9 //expand //contract in different directions.
  • Z //undo (Undo the latest action)
  • X //redo (Redo the latest action)

For a list of all available WorldEdit commands please visit the wiki Command Reference page.


Version 0.3 Release (mirror)
Source code is included in the zip archive!
MD5: bdc685cd5c547b90efb89cfdef38a20b

Known issues, notes

  • You cannot move while issuing commands. Input is blocked to prevent sending WASD keys.
  • If you have a slow computer please increase KeyDelay from 100 to maybe 150 or 200.
    (No matter how high you set it, Minecraft will lag every now and then showing the inventory instead, try to avoid spamming the hotkeys.)
  • If you don’t like the tooltip following the mouse you can disable it by setting HideStartMessage=1
  • To work in fullscreen the script will replace F11 with a fake fullscreen (maximized windowed), this could affect performance slightly.

Video Demo

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