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Please note that this article was started in 2015, some info may be out of date. See notes of continued projects in red.

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Since all WoW addons are written in open source LUA it’s fairly easy to modify them to your liking. Here are some that I have modified!

If you’re looking for a big repository of old Vanilla addons check out http://wow.tutis.me/

When updating mods:

  • Always remove the old folder before extracting the new mod! Overwriting/combining folders will mix old and new versions creating a jumbled mess which will cause LUA errors.
  • Backup your Interface and WTF folder somewhere safe in case you wish to go undo any changes.

AutoStanceDance – (English client version/translation of ShaguStance)

Update 2017: This modified version is old. Get the latest updated version of from Shagu instead that supports all client languages.
Shagu’s addon collection

This addon automatically changes Warrior stance depending on which ability you attempt to use. It does this by reading the UI error text. This means you need to press twice in order to use them.

This addon is a translation from a German client only version of ShaguStance. You can find the original german version here.

Download 2016-05-08 (Mirror)

ECDC/ECC – Enemy casting cooldowns hideable anchor

enemy casting cooldowns anchor

This addon keeps track of other players remaining cooldowns when you select them. It can only track spells that show up in your combat log so remember to checkmark all in order display options after right clicking the Combat Log chat window.

My tiny edit enables you to hide the anchor. Right clicking the anchor will toggle vertical or horizontal ordering.

The command to toggle show or hide the anchor is /ecchide

ecdc enemy casting cooldowns hiding anchor

Download 2016-02-13 (Mirror)

Compact CT_RaidAssist

Just a minor edit to make the CT_RaidAssist Emergency Monitor more compact.


Download – 2015-11-22 (Mirror)

Screenshot with instructions for editing the visuals included in the zip file!

EnergyWatch – ManaRegenMod

Modified to be useful for caster classes. Now shows Mana Regen ticks if you’re not a rogue or druid in cat form. The mana bar will disappear when your mana is full. The energy bar will also disappear when your energy is full if you are not in stealth. It is also now clickthrough when locked. Use the commands /energywatch unlock and /energywatch lock to move it.

Download V1 – 2015-09-28 (Mirror)


CEnemyCastBar & eCastingBar – Clickthrough

Minor change to these awesome must have mods. They are now clickthrough. The command for changing visual settings is /ecb for eCastingBar.

Download V1 – 2015-09-28 (Mirror)

eCastingBar-Clickthrough NaturEnemyCastBar-Clickthrough

rais_AutoShot – BugFix

This mod is really useful for kiting and autoshoot timing as a hunter. Unfortunately it had a serious bug that broke many other addons and macros that use the function CastSpellByName(). It should work now! Minor update in which I changed the setting AimedCastBar to false. This will prevent the Aimed Shot castbar to get stuck.

Download – 2016-12-10
Download – 2015-08-17


Prat – DropShadow/FontSize 13

Tiny change that makes a big difference. Adds shadow behind the font text. It also forces font size 13 which is not available in the menu. If this doesnt work you need to reset your Prat settings. Do this by deleting Prat.lua in your \WTF\Account\YourAccount\SavedVariables\ folder.

A thing with Prat is that it breaks item links {CLink:item..} etc in some chat channels. You won’t see this yourself which makes it even more annoying. It’s very easy to fix though, just type in the command /prat chatlink toggle into chat and it should now work!

Also after you’re done configuring prat type /console reloadui to save the settings and then put it in suspended mode to reduce possible lag by typing /prat standby

Download V1 – 2015-09-28 (Mirror)



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  1. justaguy says:

    thanks man, these simple edits are great

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