XBoxMouse Simulator Open Source V1.5

XBox 360 Controller, Mouse and Keyboard Simulator/Emulator for PC, Use XBox 360 Controller as a mouse and keyboard

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This program simulates a mouse using your XBox 360 Controller and allows you to quickly toggle this function ON/OFF. Please see the image below for hotkeys and controls.

This program features a solution to issues when binding the left and right trigger buttons (LT and RT). Some older games wont even recognize them as they are bound to an “axis” using DirectInput. Some games will register and bind the axis, however holding down both at the same time will actually stop input as if no buttons where pressed at all. To solve this problem this program will translate the trigger buttons into keyboard buttons Z and X. So instead of binding the LT and RT buttons directly in the older game, you bind keyboard keys Z and X.

The on-screen-keyboard will only work if the program is run as an administrator!


  • Simulates a mouse using your XBox 360 wireless controller for windows
  • Emulates trigger buttons to keyboard keys. (LT and RT translates into keyboard keys Z and X)
  • This program is written to run silently in the background.
  • To change settings please right click the system tray icon.
  • Very portable, all settings are saved in the ini file.
  • Free to use and open source! You are free to use, modify and redistribute this program, but not to charge any money for it! If you do build upon it please link back here!
  • This software was written in AutoHotkey version download old versions here
  • Bonus feature: Disable the windows button from the ini file
    (Some people actually find this useful when gaming aggressively)



Toggle Mouse Simulator (“gaming mode” disables all hotkeys)
Toggle Triggers (LT/RT) “button to key” (Z/X) emulation
Toggle emulator enhancement keys. This enables the following:
Save state in common game emulatorsLoad state in common game emulators
(Currently supported emulators: snes9X, Project 64, pSX, ePSXe, Dolphin)
Toggle current monitor (Windows+P) (Win7 Only!)
Close current window (ALT+F4) You can also double tap Back.
Toggle current window focus (ALT+TAB)
Slow down mouse cursor speed. Hold down both for even slower!
Increase / decrease audio volume (Primary audio output device)

Advanced Settings

To change advanced settings right click the system tray icon and select “Edit advanced settings” to manually edit the ini file.
The ini file will be created in the same directory as the executable when you start the program for the first time.
If you accidentally mess up the settings in the ini file, please delete it and restart the program.
JoyMultiplier sets the cursor speed, use small values and decimals.
JoyThreshold sets the joysticks deadzone. Before changing this, please recalibrate your controller. If the cursor still wont stay still, slightly increase this value.


There is no installation file, simply extract the executable to a desired folder and run.

You can add this program to start automatically every time you start your computer by creating a shortcut to it in your start menu startup folder. (This will not work in Windows 8, please see below)

To uninstall this program simply delete the program and the ini file.


Download version 1.50 – (mirror 1) (mirror 2)
The source code is included in the zip archive!
You can also fork it on GitHub
Zip MD5:cec448a5289ad01e110eb4d44713827f


Windows 8

  • In Windows 8 ALT+TAB has become system hotkeys with restricted access. In order for programs to override this they need to present a valid certificate which needs to be purchased from Microsoft. Hence ALT+TAB will not work. Sorry about this!
  • Windows 8 has increased security for the startup folder. It silently blocks any programs in the startup folder which are also set to “run as administrator”.In order to launch automatically on startup you need to create a scheduled task using Windows Task Sheduler. You need to configure it to “run at log on” and also check the box to “run with highest privileges“. Please see these or these instructions on how to schedule tasks.This procedure has to be done even if logged in as an administrator with UAC disabled.

Known issues, comments

  • Some AntiVirus programs report AutoHotkey scripts as false positives, please read about it in this open letter from AutoHotkey. here
  • If you are unable to close the On-Screen-Keyboard this is because you are not running the program as an administrator.
  • Bug testing has only been performed on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and Windows XP Pro 32 bit. Please comment if you encounter any!
  • I’m trying to write the code to block input while the Mouse simulator is enabled, as of yet I haven’t figured out how to do this.
  • When you start the program without a controller and plug it in later, you need to press button A in order to re-detect it!
  • You can’t click on the system tray using the controller, this will suspend the program. This appears to be a hardcoded feature in AutoHotkey. I’m researching if this can be circumvented somehow. If you know how to do it, please comment!

Thanks to

AutoHotkey – Free Mouse and Keyboard Macro Program with Hotkeys and AutoText
XInput 360 Controller API – By Lexikos
Read/write JSON parser – By polyethene
XNA Button Pack – Jeff Jenkins for the button icons

Version History

V1.50 (2012-06-16)
You can now invert the volume trigger button hotkeys from the ini file. Default key binding: LT decreases and RT is increases.
Finally you can quickly switch monitor output! Hold down LB+RB and press Enter to switch output to your TV (Sends the key Win+P, Please not that this does not work on windows older than 7!)
Extras bonus feature, Windowed “Fake” fullscreen. Holding down Ctrl+Alt and pressing F12 will maximize your current window and remove the borders. If you use this for games that replace input keys, it will not work. To use this you need an automated delay before applying the setting. You can do this with my other software AHKGameFrontend!
For those who have tried to modify the code you should know I have begun to cleanup the code for detecting modifier keys, the old solution was very clumsy for humans to read. It will take some time however to clean up.
V1.42.1 (2012-05-03)
Fixed a bug that caused an upward scroll when the controller shuts down for battery saving.
The mouse speed decrease multiplier now also works with the RB button! I don’t know why I didn’t include this the last time.
Mouse scrolling has been reworked. It now features a soft “nudge” when slightly moving the joystick and accelerates after a certain point. Both acceleration and the start of acceleration is configurable in the ini file! Please use small values with decimals if you are tinkering with the values.
V1.41 (2012-04-02)
You can now double-tap Back to simulate pressing ALT+F4. or hold down LB+Back. (Useful in programs which minimize to tray when pressing escape) The double-tap delay is configurable in the ini file. (Default value is 200 milliseconds)
The mouse speed decrease multiplier has been added to the ini file. This enables the possibility to increase mouse speed (if you like) when holding down LB by typing a decimal value smaller than 1.oo for example 0.5 will instead double the mouse speed.
V1.40 (2012-03-24)
Holding down LB will temporarily reduce the speed of the mouse cursor for clicking those pesky small buttons! This was something I was missing myself and really like how it got implemented! Also to reduce conflict, if you moved the cursor while holding down the normal LB command will not send the event. This to improve smoothness and annoying double outputs!
Integration in windows explorer and browsers using LB and RB will not interrupt the LB+RB for window toggling (ALT+TAB) they are now handled on the key-up event.
V1.33 (2012-02-05)
Audio volume control using trigger buttons when Mouse Simulator is enabled. Toggle Mouse Simulator off using (LB+RB+B) when gaming.
Integration with windows explorer (LB and RB now sends back and forward in history)
Integration with Video LAN VLC Media player. RB will now toggle play/pause. I’m not sure if this is the best key binding but I wanted to use a single button that wouldn’t disturb any other keys.
V1.32 (2012-02-04)

Better automatic joypad detection!
Old Issue: Please note that if no Joysticks are detected when starting the program, you need to right click the system tray icon and click ‘Reload’ in order to re-detect them. You can override auto-detection by editing the ini file. I do not recommend this at the moment because if no Joysticks are detected the script will loop and use unnecessary CPU power. I haven’t found a better way to circumvent this yet.
This has now been replaced by “waking up” the controller detection by pressing the first button (A) on any gamepad!
Cleaned up code.
Replaced the help/about dialog with links.
V1.31 (2012-01-28)
Windows XP compatability for previous update fixed! This could be improved further by blocking normal left/right input while using the hotkey. I will attempt to find a way to do this in the future.
V1.3 (2012-01-26)

New hotkey! LB+RB+Left/Right will switch your current program as if pressing ALT+TAB. (Bug testing only done on Windows 7 so far)
V1.2 (2012-01-01)
Bug fix to prevent multiple instances of MSSWCHX.EXE from stacking when using the on screen keyboard on Windows XP.
V1.1 (2011-12-29)

End words

If you wish to enhance web browsing further I recommend using a mouse gesture extension like FireGestures for Mozilla Firefox.

191 Comments on “XBoxMouse Simulator Open Source V1.5”

  1. Tom says:

    Fucking sweet.. excellent program mate, good job!

  2. Hugo Rodrigue says:

    Congrats and thank you very much nirklars. It worked very well in my w7 64bits. I just noticed one bad thing, which I don’t know if it is my fault or is a bug. When I try to drag a window, by pressing the A button, keeping it pressed, and moving the stick, it just stop working (no movement of the cursor and no actions on the buttons)! After that I need to use the mouse (mouse pad in my case) to complete the task of dragging the window. After I finish the dragging, the controller starts responding again. I don’t know if I made myself clear :).

    • nirklars says:

      Thank you for the positive feedback Hugo!

      The issue you mention should not be present and it haven’t been on the computers I have tried the code. My best guess is that you have some other software (bad mouse or keyboard driver) interrupting the input.

      You could try to disconnect all other USB peripheral or update the mouse drivers.
      I have encountered other issues not related to the XBox controller when using Logitechs profiler software when working in AutoCAD. Try to uninstall it if you are using a Logitech mouse.

      Best Regards

      • Hugo Rodrigue says:

        I’ll do some testing and let you know when I find the source of the problem!

  3. andytize says:

    Hi great program! Definitely the most elegant, portable way of implementing this kind of solution I’ve seen.

    I would like to bind the LT and RT buttons for alt+tab and alt+shift+tab, is this doable from the ini file?

    • nirklars says:

      Sorry you cannot do this at the moment unless you manually reprogram the source code. I can see how this would be useful though! I may consider implementing this in the future.

      Best Regards and thank you for the feedback!

      • Andrew Tsai says:

        This sounds great, look forward to another version :). If you’re using AutoHotKey I’m sure that there’s a method for doing this.

      • nirklars says:

        This feature has been added now! 🙂
        The hotkeys use LB+RB+POV L/R though because I have other future plans for LT/RT.

        Best Regards

  4. Tristtan says:

    Just what i was looking for, keep up the good work!

  5. Wolfman88 says:

    Finally I can use my XBOX 360 controller as a mouse! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Paft says:

    Fantastic! I can now use my pc in bed at night. Saves me having to learn /use Windows Speech Recognition.

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  8. Paft says:

    Thanks for the frequent updates! The LB Sens Slowdown was a good one. GJ.

  9. davealot says:

    Hi, I’m using modo, a 3d modelling program. In modo to pan round an abject you hold alt + left mouse button and move the mouse around. Would it be possible in theory to use autohotkey in conjunction with xboxmouse to emulate the pressing of the alt and left mouse button whenever you moved the analogue pad around so that no buttons presses are necessary at all? Cheers

    • nirklars says:

      This is possible to solve using AutoHotkey.
      I dont have the software to try this out but you need to “Send {Alt down}” at the start of the deadzone threshold and then “Send {Alt up}”.

      Open up the *.AHK script file in a good text editor such as Notepad++ and find the following lines 854 to 859:

      if MouseNeedsToBeMoved
      SetMouseDelay, -1 ; Makes movement smoother.
      MouseMove, DeltaX * JoyMultiplier, DeltaY * JoyMultiplier * YAxisMultiplier, 0, R

      And replace those lines with the the following: (copy and paste)

      if MouseNeedsToBeMoved
      SetTimer, AltDownDelay, 50
      SetMouseDelay, -1 ; Makes movement smoother.
      MouseMove, DeltaX * JoyMultiplier, DeltaY * JoyMultiplier * YAxisMultiplier, 0, R
      SetTimer, AltUpDelay, 100

      Send {Alt up}
      SetTimer, AltDownDelay, off
      SetTimer, AltUpDelay, 100

      Send {Alt down}
      SetTimer, AltUpDelay, off

      Make sure you have AutoHotkey installed and double click on the *.AHK file.

      Probably not the most elegant solution but it should work.
      Best Regards

  10. Paft says:

    Any idea why On-Screen Keyboard sometimes randomly doesn’t do predictive text?

    • nirklars says:

      I do not have this feature on my Windows 7. I would guess that this is a Microsoft issue associated with the on screen keyboard on specific OS’s version. Sorry I can’t help you there.
      If you do find a solution, could you please post it here?
      Best Regards

      • Paft says:

        Do you chose not to use predictive text or it doesn’t show? I learnt that if you turn off the ‘Tablet PC Components’ (Control Panel\Programs) it also disables predicive text.

        Yes I will.

  11. its fucking awesome!! Thanks Dude!

  12. Andytizer says:

    Thanks so much for creating the last version with the custom features. It is a very useful freeware program and it’s been invaluable for my using my 360 controller as a mouse for my HTPC.

    I am currently running a large PC gaming fixes site: and I am writing up an article on Y-axis inversion. One thing that is missing is a freeware utility which only inverts the Y-axis on the right analogue stick on a 360 controller in games (and only does this). If there is any way that you could perhaps code this into XBoxMouse Simulator, or even create a standalone, there is quite a large community which would benefit from this.

    • nirklars says:

      As far as my knowledge goes I don’t think AutoHotkey can completely replace the entire axis. I tried this when coding the trigger buttons. It appears to be a driver issue.

      You can however copy the movement of the Y-axis, invert it and output it for another axis, lets call it the R-axis.

      There is a big problem with this approach however since you would need to specifically bind the R-axis in the software or game you are translating into without accidently binding the Y-axis instead. This means the software or game must support binding the R-axis and you would most probably have to do this manually through editing config- ini-/files.

      The best approach would probably be to investigate the specific game engine in question and see if this is no built in feature. It may even be enough to edit the Y axis mouse sensitivity to a negative value.

  13. zodiac says:

    I’m having the following problem, I’m using Windows Vista (not by choice, laptop manufacturer provides drivers just for Vista). When I enable on-screen keyboard it’s not possible to close it. Trying to click on close button disables xbox controller’s mouse functionality and the same occurs if I try to click on File menu to select exit. I suspect that this malfunction happens if the on-screen keyboard window gets the focus. Is there any way to fix that? Could it be re-assigned to ‘Y’ xbox button to close on-screen keyboard if pressed again?

    • nirklars says:


      Thank you for the feedback Zodiac!

      The feature you are describing as how you would want it to work is actually exactly how it works on Windows XP and 7. Unfortunately I have not been able to perform any bug testing on Vista.

      Do you experience the issue if you move focus away from the on screen keyboard, will the mouse simulation work then?

      The issue you are experiencing could be because the executable is named differently on Vista. (or it could be something more problematic…)
      On Windows 7 the keyboard executable is OSK.EXE on Windows XP OSK.EXE will start MSSWCHX.EXE

      Could you help me by checking the executable name for me and report back here?

      To do this:
      1. start the on screen keyboard manually,
      2. press CTRL+ALT+DEL go to programs,
      3. select the on screen keyboard,
      4. right click and select “go to process”.
      You are now highlighting the EXE name on the process tab. This is the name I need.

      EDIT: Could you also check if another executable starts by having the taskmanager open when starting the on screen keyboard? There could be multiple executables.

      Best Regards

      • Max says:

        Hi Nick
        I am also having exactly this trouble and I am on Windows 7 64-bit I have checked the process name and it is osk.exe and one one instance starts when starting the on screen keyboard.

    • nirklars says:

      I haven’t been able to find a solution to this yet but maybe this could be your issue? Do you have UAC disabled? Are you running it as an administrator? If not, XBoxMouse.exe might not have the permission to terminate osk.exe

      Try this:

      Could you please detail the instructions to replicate the bug further? I have tried it on another windows 7 computer and I cannot replicate this issue.

      Best Regards

  14. simo says:

    Excellent program, just started using it.

    I had the same problem with the on-screen keyboard but it works fine when ran as administrator.
    I’ve been messing with the code (reversed the volume up and down buttons) and have been trying to add a function that i use a lot (AltGr + mouse wheel Up Down in Firefox) to zoom in and out of web pages.

    Any idea of the code needed to get that working?

    Could maybe use the right and left trigger together to enable altgr then right analogue stick up down to zoom.


    • nirklars says:


      In Firefox I have the addon FireGestures installed and configured to zoom in when holding Mouse button 2 and clicking Mouse button 1 . To restore zooming to original I have bound holding Mouse button 1 and clicking Mouse button 2. Since this translates nicely while using XBoxMouse I have found no need to add a specific feature for this. This is where you config it:

      If you would like to tinker with the code yourself you can send the button AltGr + Mouse wheel by pasting any of the following:
      Send {RAlt down}{WheelUp}{RAlt up}
      Send {RAlt down}{WheelDown}{RAlt up}
      For more info please check the AutoHotkey documentation!

      Sending keys enclosed in {} you can specify if the key should be pressed down {MyKey down} or released {MyKey up}.

      Best Regards

  15. Steve says:


    Hi and thanks for making this possible ! However I am having a few difficulties getting this to run.

    I am running a dell laptop with the xbox 360 controller using the plug and charge cable. have loaded the program as administrator but cannot get the controller to “connect” or be recognised, even when reloading via the system tray hence the program is not working. Any thoughts, im sure it just something i’m missing ? I had also previously loaded the microsoft driver for the xbox controller.


  16. Steve says:


    Sorry also running Win 7 64 bit.


  17. dethslayer says:

    How do I disable audio volume increasing / decreasing feature? I’m playing a game and I need those buttons. It sucks if my volume keeps changing.

    • nirklars says:

      To disable all mouse simulation functions and go into gaming mode buttons hold down LB and RB and press B.

      Toggle Mouse Simulator

      This is very useful if you are switching from windows to gaming. To return to windows press LB+RB+B again to toggle back. I use this myself to switch from gaming while running old video game emulators.

      If you wish to permanently remove ONLY the volume open the AHK source file and remove line 492 to 530.
      That is LeftTrigger: until return and RightTrigger: until return.

      Best Regards

  18. xen says:

    *****************SoluTION FOR UNRESPONSIVE PROBLEM**************** Simply press the menu button (big x) . btw i wrote this while using your program 🙂

  19. dcttpnjb says:


    Sorry if I missed it, but is there a way to use the Joystick as a replacement for the keyboard rather than the mouse? I’d like to play an old, keyboard-based game using the Joystick rather than the D Pad.

    Thanks for a really useful piece of software.

    • nirklars says:


      Thank you for the feedback! Unfortunately XBoxMouse can’t do this! However it should be fairly easy to write another AutoHotkey Script to do this.

      I cannot promise if this will work since Im not at home and cannot test this…
      Copy and paste the following into notepad and save the file as WASDJoy.ahk or the like and double click
      (had to use paste bin since the wordpress blogging system keeps messing up my code when commenting…)

      Replace JoypadID to your joypad ID number, if 0 doesnt work try 1 and then 2 etc…

      Best regards

  20. dcttpnjb says:

    Thanks. I’ve given it a first try and after a couple of adjustments started to get it working. I just need to do a bit more work to make it do all I want.

    Really appreciate your help. Thanks again.

  21. Shaun Alvarez says:

    I Love the prog but the controls dont feel right for me… how would i go about changing the left the buttons around and making Y use spacebar ?? i tryed looking at the script and its kinda big dident find where i would change that

    • nirklars says:

      I’m afraid most buttons are set in stone, I don’t plan on enabling button reconfig but I might add it in the future.To answer you question though:

      To replace the Y button with sending space find line 475 to 501: (this edit will only work in V1.5!)

      Line 475: KeyKeyboard:
      Line 476 to 500: [remove all the code here and replace it]
      Line 501: return

      Replace it with:
      Send {Space}

      Best Regards

  22. Stu says:

    When I shut down my PC with the program running I get the a blue screen. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    • nirklars says:


      What you have encountered is a Windows bug probably triggered by loading broken system file. This could be caused by a faulty install, malware or pretty much anything basically. What does the blue screen message say? Usually you can write it down on a paper and google the error code. It looks something like 0x0000034 or 0x0000005 usually that will help.

      If nothing else work I would try to run a system restore or repair windows by running the command sfc /scannow.

      I’m afraid I can’t help you much more 😦
      Best of luck to you

  23. tim says:

    I would like to switch the joystick so the mouse control is on the right and scroll is on the left… could you include this option in your next update please? O.o

    • nirklars says:

      Hello Tim!

      I might add this in the future. For the time being if you wish to dig into the code run notepad or your favorite text editor like notepad++ (not MSWord!) (this edit will only work in V1.5!)

      Find line 962 and replace “%JoystickNumber%JoyX” with “%JoystickNumber%JoyR
      Find line 963 and replace “%JoystickNumber%JoyY” with “%JoystickNumber%JoyU

      and the opposite

      Find line 1001 and replace “%JoystickNumber%JoyR” with “%JoystickNumber%JoyX
      Find line 1002 and replace “%JoystickNumber%JoyU” with “%JoystickNumber%JoyY

      Remember to install AutoHotkey if in order to run AHK files directly!

      Best Regards!

  24. Fenderspieler says:

    Great tool, thank you very much!
    In 1.2 LT and RT simulated keystrokes. I used it for Space and Backspace. It was brilliant when typing, going back in firefox and for pausing in VLC. How about switching the audiovolume to LB+RB+D-Pad Up and Down?

    • nirklars says:


      I admit that changing the trigger simulation only to be enabled in “Gaming Mode” restrict you in configuring your own keys. I will add an option for this in the future. For now if you wish to dig into the code with notepad (or notepad++) delete the following lines and it will work as before (this edit will only work in V1.5!):
      Line 542 to 558
      Line 560
      Line 565 to 581
      Line 583

      The button for back and forward in explorer and tab switching in Firefox is now set to LB and RB. I can recommend the mod FireGestures which i use the to go back and forward in history. You simply hold down the right mouse button and drag left or right.

      I have also integrated VLC play/pausing, use the button RB while focusing on VLC! Make sure that you are not moving the joystick at the same time or it will not work. If the integration with VLC doesn’t work please make sure you are running XBoxMouse as an administrator! (please see earlier posts)

      Best Regards

      • Fenderspieler says:

        Wow, thank you very much! I did make the mistake of moving the joystick when trying RB 😉

      • nirklars says:

        Great that you got it working 😀

        I use LB and RB for many things as you might have noticed (slowing down cursor, modifier buttons, next etc) so I had to prevent input while using the joystick or it would all jumble together!

  25. bertygamer says:

    Many thanks for this great software.
    The only issue i have is that i can’t make it start automatically as administrator with windows.
    I followed diiferent ways from your Windows7Forum link. Put it in start menu, trick the registry in HKLM and HKCU run, etc…
    But nothing to do, Xboxmouse refuse to start automatically with windows when i want to run it as administrator.
    As i read, the only known issue is with the On-Screen-Keyboard. And i can confirm that i experienced this on my Windows 64 system. Fortunately i will not use this feature a lot…

    Thanks again for incomings updates and maybe a solution to my problem and sorry for my bad english.

    Greetings from France…

    • nirklars says:

      Hello bertygamer

      Looks like you’ve run into Windows security, policy and permissions troubles.
      I will assume that you have already tried to check the “run as admin” in the shortcut settings.

      You appear to have different alternatives:
      1. The easiest, Disable UAC, which you may not wish to do due to security issues i.e. you aren’t running any firewall or antivirus.
      2. Use the Task Scheduler to launch the software at login or startup instead of autostart. Be sure to check the box “login as” and enter your administrative account credentials.
      3. Disable UAC only for certain programs according to this guide (I haven’t tried this…)

      I hope that at one of these options appeal to you 😀
      Best Regards

      • bertygamer says:

        Hello nirklars,

        I went through the Task Scheduler method and it works fine and no more problem with on-screen keyboard 😉

        I also vote for Fenderspieler idea about switching the audiovolume to LB+RB+D-Pad Up and Down and it will let LT/RT free for your future plans. Maybe Windows+T or Windows+Shift+T could be a good idea to launch our favorites softwares…

        Many thanks and keep up the good work !

  26. bertygamer says:

    I just noticed that the value in the “popup box” when i use LT/RT stay at 100.0000000 and I didn’t understand why there are so much 0.

  27. PJ says:


    For some reason the LT and RT buttons doesnt work in my games. (Sniper Elite v2, Cars 2, Toy Story)

    In Sniper you use LT to aim and RT to fire a weapon. If I press LT then it also fire the weapon. How can I fix this? I did try the LT/RT/B but that doesn’t help.

    • nirklars says:

      Hello PJ

      LT/RT buttons will simulate the keyboard send the keys Z and X so you will need to rebind the controls in your game to Z and X using your keyboard, not the controller.

      LT/RT will ONLY send Z and X while in “Gaming mode” which you enter by holding down LB and RB and pressing B. (LT/RT/B are the wrong keys)

      Please note that the mouse simulation isn’t intended to be used while gaming, if this is what you intend to do. AutoHotkey has a built in delay that causes mouse lag so I don’t recommend using it for this function.

      • PJ says:


        Ok, so I pressed LB and RB and B for “Gaming Mode”. I did reconfigure the controls in the game menu, Z for aim and X for fire. When I play the game and press the LT button (Z) it still doesn’t aim. Any other idea what can be wrong?

      • nirklars says:

        Hello again PJ

        If you focus on a text field in windows (for example the address bar of your browser) press LB+RB+B and enter game mode, if you press LT and RT here is it typing out X and Z?

    • bertygamer says:

      Same here with Border 2.
      For a quick fix just disable xboxmouse in your notification aera.
      I tried with LB+RB+B wich do the trick for other games.but not for this one

  28. PJ says:

    Sorry for keeping you busy like this. I tried this. When I press LT it types ZX and when I type RT it also types ZX.

    So it types both letters simultaneously. I hope you can help me with this. I’m not very good with this stuff.

    • nirklars says:

      Hello again!

      It’s no trouble 🙂 Lets see if I can figure out what’s wrong, this is a strange problem. I haven’t been able to replicate it either.
      I’m going to assume that you 1) haven’t modified the source code, 2) are running an official xbox 360 wireless controller with a gaming receiver

      Please try the following:

      1. Delete the ini file and restart the program.
      2. Make sure that you are running the program as an administrator, see earlier comment history!
      3. Uninstall the XBox360 Controller driver.
      4. Reinstall the latest drivers from microsoft.

      • PJ says:

        1. I haven’t modified the code
        2. I have the official xbox 360 controller

        I deleted the ini file and I’m running it as an administrator.

        I uninstalled the driver and installed the official one again.

        I’m running Windows 7 64bit.

        The problem is still there. Pressing LT or RT types ZX.

      • nirklars says:

        I may have tracked down the bug now to a DirectX dll conflict, this is the last ideas that I have…

        Reinstall and update Direct X to the latest version and make sure that the following DLL files share the same date and file size in your C:\Windows\System32 folder:
        XInputDLL File versions
        Please excuse the Swedish part 🙂 Click here for more file info.

        Also you can try to dig into the source code, go to line 407 and change Loop, 4 into Loop, 3, and so on to 1. This may cause clicks not to be registered but its worth a try…

      • PJ says:

        DirectX is fine. Dates and sizes all the same.

        How do I get into and edit the source code?

      • PJ says:

        Got to edit the source code. Still not fixed. This is a bummer.

      • PJ says:


        Thanks for all your help yesterday. Seems like I’ve wasted your time. It was a faulty controller. I got it tested at the store I bought it from and they swopped it out. New one working perfectly now and your program is awesome.

      • nirklars says:

        Ah bummer! Hope you got some warranty for it.
        Glad that you solved the problem 🙂

  29. Paft says:

    Any way you can incorporate some zoom function via Window’s Magnifier perhaps? Or suggest something?

    I use XBoxMS when watching things so I can sit back on my bed instead of at the desk…but of course have a hard time navigating though Windows when I can barely see. I pin Magnifier to the taskbar, but having to move the cursor over to the + to zoom in and repeat to zoom out is a hassle.


    • nirklars says:

      Hello Paft!
      I’ve never used the zooming feature of windows myself. I checked the hotkeys and found them to be:
      Win+Numpad Add
      Win+Numpad Subtract
      These can be added into the code as such:
      Send {LWin Down}{NumpadAdd}{LWin Up}
      Send {LWin Down}{NumpadSub}{LWin Up}

      I may add this when I find some time and figure out the proper keys to use.

  30. Carl says:

    Hi Nicklas!
    Great program, one question though, can I add a chatpad for Xbox 360 to be used as a keyboard with the help of this software?

  31. Carl says:

    Hi Nicklas!
    I also don’t own a chatpad, I bought a instead.

    Not sure if you are aware of this issue but I was unable to close the virtual keyboard with the XBoxMouse Simulator, running Windows 8.

    • nirklars says:


      The reason you can’t close it is because XBoxMouse needs to have administrative rights in order to close it. Please check the response i made to this comment further up on this page!
      It could also be that the keyboard works differently on Windows 8. Normally it starts and terminates the process osk.exe

  32. Anton says:

    Hello. My name Anton, and I send you email one week ago.
    When you plan to release new version? In new version can I simple remap keys W,A,S,D to left stick and mouse to right stick? I find how to do this in two upper posts, but have some troubles with it. I can do it myself, but everything is working not so good. Not so smooth in KeyDelay and WatchAxis.
    Anyway thank you so much.

    • nirklars says:

      Hello Anton!

      Thank you for liking my program!

      Unfortunately I haven’t had much time or interest to update the program recently, mostly because changes requires rewriting my lazy bishbash code. I will get to it eventually but I can’t give an approximation of this. I hope that you understand.

      Maybe you can find some other solution elsewhere for what you are trying to accomplish? The AutoHotkey forums is a great place to ask for help or find examples!

      Best Regards Nicklas

  33. Dejv says:

    Hi, thank you very much, I use your program alot and it’s great.
    I just have one problem.
    When i run some game and I Enable or disable Mouse simulator with shortcut on controller (LB+RB+B), it minimizes game or disables fullscreen beacause of poping up tooltip saying “Mouse simulator DISABLED/ENABLED).

    Is it possible to disable this tooltip message?
    I tryied to delete lines “Tooltip Mouse Simulator`nENABLED” and “Tooltip Mouse Simulator`nDISABLED” in “XBoxMouse.ahk”, but it didnt change anything. In fact, when i try to remove all the text in this file, the program still works.

    Am I doing it wrong? Can it be done this way?

    I also tryied this you told someone to do:
    “If you wish to permanently remove ONLY the volume open the AHK source file and remove line 492 to 530.
    That is LeftTrigger: until return and RightTrigger: until return.”

    After this volume also still works…

    Thank you for your reply… (and sorry for my bad english 🙂 )

    • nirklars says:

      Hello Dejv!

      This shouldn’t be happening due to the tooltip but to other issues on your computer. Focus should not be moved from the game.

      However you can simply disable a line in the program by adding a semicolon.
      Tooltip L/R Trigger Buttons`nDISABLED
      ;Tooltip L/R Trigger Buttons`nDISABLED

      Best Regards

      • Dejv says:

        Thank you for your reply…
        I did try what you say, but tooltip is still there.
        As I mentioned, even when i try to remove all the text in “XBoxMouse.ahk”, the program still works.
        It seems to me that any change in “XBoxMouse.ahk” doesn’t affect functionality of your program.

        For example I delete everything exept “XBoxMouse.exe”, lunch it, it creates “XBoxMouse.ini” and works by it self without “XBoxMouse.ahk”.
        So my question is, am I doing something wrong?

        Thank you

      • Dejv says:

        Nevermind. I got it working by lunching “XBoxMouse.ahk” instead of “XBoxMouse.exe” (I have AutoHotkey installed).
        I also replaced “Tooltip Mouse Simulator`nENABLED” with “SoundPlay, (path of soundfile)” command, so it notifies me with sound insted of tooltip.
        Now it nolonger minimizes games.

        Once again thank you so much for this program. Now I’m fully happy with it 🙂

        Have a nice day….

  34. nm4991 says:

    You sir are a genius! Thanks for this awesome piece of software 🙂 (As an act of my gratitude, I typed this only using the controller 😉 no joke)

    • Paft says:


      Question: I assume you used Window’s On-Screen Keyboard. Does predictive text half the time just randomly not show any words at all on Win7? I found that in 8 it works 100%…but I ended up going back to 7 because…1) nirklars’s script is borked in 8. And 2) a game wouldn’t run.

  35. Maarten says:

    Thank you for this program!!

    Can you make it possible to divide the mouse movement in more categories?
    instead of 8 (up down left right 4x diagonal) to 16. this would make precise movements possible.
    And could you make slow diagonal mouse movements work?

  36. Steve says:

    Its not working for me, any idea what im doing wrong? Im using a wireless controller via wireless adapter

  37. marcin says:

    is there an option to turn off on screen notifications, as this cause game to go out of full screen mode and cause problems

    thank you

  38. Paft says:

    Any hopeful possibility of a Windows 8 fix? It’s my main OS these days with the help of a 3rd party Start Menu. There’s plenty available.

  39. Darklands says:

    Hello, first of all thanks for this great program.
    My question is this, is possible to change the default Toggle Mouse Simulator keys on the gamepad manually. The reason I ask is because I would like to add a few extra keys (like having to press also the triggers to toggle the mouse simulator), cause I keep accidentally toggling on the Mouse Simulator in some games.

  40. Gamecreature says:

    This is fantastic! I was hoping to modify the code so that the MouseSimulator would automatically toggle off when I’m running Dolphin Emu (I keep forgetting until the keyboard pops up) but my attempts to modify the AHK script have been unsuccessful. Any suggestions?

  41. Kirin says:

    Is it possible to switch what each stick does so left stick is scroll and right stick is mouse?

  42. 1337usagi says:

    It was working great in Windows 8 until recently. Now the mouse cursor gravitates to the upper left-hand corner of the screen and is basically useless. :/

    • nirklars says:

      I don’t have Windows 8 so I cant properly troubleshoot this but have you tried to increase the threshold (deadzone) of the joystick? Sometimes the joystick gets worn and you need to increase the area that the program ignores input from. (A hardware issue)

      Try increasing JoyThreshold=10.0 to 10.5 in the ini file, reload the program, se if it goes away, try 11, then try 12 etc. and see if you can solve it that way! Best Regards

      • i i had this issue, from what i found out seems like a somewhat not unfrequent problem on xbox controllers (xbone too), had to put JoyThreshold on 13 to make the drift go away.

        Guess i’m gonna try a game too to see if it’s a problem there, since its still in warranty. Been using it only with xboxmouse so no idea how it behaves on games.

  43. I was wondering How can I bind Mouse 1 to left trigger and Mouse 2 to right trigger?

  44. Nick Chapman says:

    This is great. Initially, I just wanted to use it to allow me to use my xbox controller to play “Thomas Was Alone” (which it worked wonderfully for using the built-in game controls configuration) after I realized the version of xpadder I had been using wasn’t compatible with my system anymore. At a glance, this is slightly less configurable, but it worked well for me so far and I’ll keep it as my “go-to” until it fails me in some way.

    Thanks for the software!

  45. Paft says:

    Is this app still an active hobby? I’d like to see you make use of the analog stick buttons and the LB for something else. I’ve made use of them with Xpadder, zoom in/out (win hotkeys).

    I do everything on a single 22″ monitor, so when I get comfy on my bed I of course can’t see shit. 🙂

    Xpadder is good, but the mouse movement feels inferior to yours and pointer LB/RB reduce speed is essential.

    Anyway, I still use this daily.

    1 thing that bugs me is Microsoft’s On-Screen Keyboard’s predictive text hardly works when it should. It’s random. I’ll contact MS about it and/or look for a alternative.

    • nirklars says:

      Hey again Paft! Glad to hear it 🙂

      Currently in order to resume updating this with the features that I have in mind I would have to rewrite it almost completely from the beginning. That’s why I’ve been avoiding doing any changes. I’ve also been really busy at work and haven’t found the inspiration to resume.

      I don’t have any plans to dig into it, but my vacation is coming up and If I get REALLY bored and somehow find the inspiration there’s a possibility I might tackle it again.

      Best regards

      • Paft says:

        No worries, enjoy your vacation!

        One question: Does text prediction work 100% of the time for you with On-Screen Keyboard?
        I was about to ask Microsoft but I think it is your script.

        Here is a video showing me opening it from the taskbar and using the mouse twice, and then with the pad:

      • nirklars says:

        Hello Paft!

        The on screen keyboard is 100% Microsoft. All the script does is launch and close Microsofts own osk.exe in %systemroot%\system32 (most commonly c:\windows\system32\osk.exe)

        While searching for you issue I found this thread on Microsoft technet.
        According to this the issue could be appearing because you have multiple keyboard layouts enabled. Perhaps if you uninstall all of the other variants of “English (US)” or “English (UK)” in keyboard profile selection it might work.

        This is just a guess on my part 🙂 I’m using a Swedish keyboard and don’t use predictive text.
        If all else fails maybe you could register and and post a thread on technet?

        Best Regards!

  46. Paft says:

    It is strange.

    The only language/Keyboard installed is English (UK) and I have Windows Tablet PC Components active.

    I’ll have a play later to try and figure this out….or use a alternative virtual keyboard.

    Thank you very much for the responses!

  47. Dennis says:

    This is such a wonderful program, thank you so much for creating it! It works perfectly on win8. I was wondering though, and sorry if this has been asked before, but would it be possible to rebind the Y button to point towards the Windows key instead? Thank you so much!

  48. Albert says:

    What an AMAZING Program but sometimes it crashes on Windows 7 32bit. It’s rare but once in a while it will just Crash and have to be closed then re-opened.
    To the Author: Thank you! Best program for Xbox controller.

  49. john says:

    I would so love to have the 2 keyboard commands available in mouse mode. Trying to play some classic games with a controller and have zero keys is unusable. Seems to me disabling mouse should be independent of disabling triggers.

  50. Snatch says:

    Alttabing is not working in windows 8 😦

  51. Snatch says:

    Here is the answer install autohotkey, download and run script from the first post and then run XBoxMouse.ahk from the “source” folder instead of xboxmouse.exe It’s shows the “Failed to initialize XInput” error but everything works fine 🙂 now it’s absolutely perfect, thanks for the program!

  52. Hi I have just tried this on guild wars 2. The viewpoint controls via button A or B plus left stick are way too quick/sensitive. What should I do to alter this? Thanks.

  53. Felipe Martins says:

    your software is really awesome, thanks a lot

  54. Dave says:

    I love the program, best I have come across mainly because I can disable the windows controls and use my controller like normal for video games. Only thing that bothers me is the scrolling is really jumpy, any chance you could smooth it out on a future release?

  55. Max says:

    Amazing program!
    I would like to know how to edit scrolling behaviour..
    To scroll i have to gently tilt the stick a bit..if i tilt to much it activates acceleration..
    i would like to completely remove it..
    Also there is a delay between tilting the stick and the can I fix it?
    I’m using windows 7 64bit and firefox 29

  56. Tino says:

    Awesome! Thanks for doing this.
    Is any way to add chatpad funcionality to this? Or do you know if any of the chatpad drivers out there works fine with this one?

  57. Tristan says:

    Love this program!! How can I change the enable/disable all hotkeys to another set of buttons? LB/RB are used in steam and it scrolls the window when pressing them. I would like to set the left and right joystick buttons as the master on/off switch, when pressed together. I tried to look in the source code to change it, but it’s not sticking out to me.

  58. says:

    Try Xbpad from Its app developed by me, its had friendly gui and many built in features.

  59. Hello,

    Thank you for this great program that works a treat on my HTPC I can now use the mouse action to change channel when streaming Skygo 🙂

    I have one simple question – I use eventghost to run your program when I switch the Xbox Pad on. Is there a way to make the program start in the disabled mode?

    Thanks again


  60. zack says:

    keeps scrolling down

  61. nirklars says:

    Edit: Added some notes on Windows 8.

  62. HTPC-Wannabe says:

    First off, THANK YOU Nirklars for the awesome program. This makes my ultimate HTPC/Steam Box possible.

    I have one request, could you point me to the spot in the script that would let me add more commands to switching between modes?

    Im thinking Select+enter+LBumper+Rbumber

    When playing mortal kombat on steam, I tend to turn it on/off on accident ^_^

    Im a pretty lousy scripter, so any help is appreciated.

    • HTPC-Wannabe says:

      -Edit Sorry I mean select+start+LB+RB. Games rarely, if ever, require a combination like that ^_^

    • Dani says:

      I have the same problem when I am playing some games…and I tried to fix it but I found it impossible I don ‘t have the choice to open the xboxmouse app from the program that the creator says…

    • Dani says:

      I think only pressing start+select at the same time (any game requires that combination) it´s totally enough, or pressing the two yostics of the remote…

  63. Dan Samples says:

    Great program. Very easy to install and use. One question: Can the speed of the cursor be increased? I know that it can be slowed down but in one program I use the speed is simply too slow. Thanks

    • nirklars says:

      The default mouse cursor speed is set by the following value (default):
      Increase it to speed up cursor speed:

        More info on cursor speed

      The default mouse cursor slowdown speed when holding down buttons LB and RB is set by the following value (default):
      If you would prefer the buttons to increase the speed of the cursor you need to change this into a value lesser than one for example:

      Hence editing XBoxMouse.ini for a slow cursor and an increase in speed when holding buttons would look like this:

      Hope this helps 🙂

      Best Regards

  64. Dani says:

    Hi nirklars, nice software!! I use your software in my “steam machine” since I built it and it’s the perfect complement to it, because there are some games which requires a mouse to start and I removed the keyboard and the mentioned mouse of my “desktop” (couch hehe). So that´s perfect because it’s even useful even if I want to write something fast with the onscreen-keyboard. You can see my computer in the next link, and you can see I mentioned your software:
    That’s in spanish, but to see the photos is not necessary to understand my language hehe.

    I have a question for you…there are some games like PES 2014, the amazing spiderman, mortal kombat, etc, where I press accidentally LB+RB+B, and that supposes the game to get crazy, the volume starts to go up and’s a caos imagine…and I would like to know if you can tell me how to change that combination of buttons for another one, like start+select or R3+L3 for example.

    I tried to open the program with notepad++, autohotkey, but I don’t find a solution by myself…

    Thanks for your attention, and go ahead with this program, it’s getting a perfect way to control the mouse :). Kind regards and sorry about my english.

    • nirklars says:

      Hello Dani

      Go to line 332 and comment out the following line by adding a semicolon at the beginning of it:
      ;Goto ToggleEmulatorEnhancement

          else if GetKeyState(JoystickPrefix . 3)
                  BlockPOVTab := 0
                  Goto ToggleEmulatorEnhancement    

      So that it looks like the following:

          else if GetKeyState(JoystickPrefix . 3)
                  BlockPOVTab := 0
                  ;Goto ToggleEmulatorEnhancement    

      The same can be done at line 327 above to disable the trigger keys.
      After this is done you can only toggle using your regular mouse from the system tray.

      Then run your modified XBoxMouse.ahk manually instead of the exe!

      Best Regards

      • Dani says:

        I am so sorry nirklars but nothing is clear for me…I downloaded the programa “autohotkey”, and I’ve seen that inside the help of this program is your script, I downloaded it and I tried to open it, but I am not able to see where the code of your script is, I only see when I try to modify the script 20 or 25 lines where is nothing about you have already told me…Sorry for disturbing you, and thanks a lot for your time mate!!
        Kind regards 🙂

      • Dani says:

        I found the way to open de AHK file, because I was trying to open the file directly to the program and it was impossible, until I found that we have another folder with the source hehe :). The problem is that I want to change between “mouse mode” and “gaming mode” with another buttons, like pressing select+start at the same time, not with my regular mouse, because I don’t have a mouse and a keyboard in my computer, it’s plugged to the tv and I don’t wanna use those things hehe. Thanks a lot nirklars. Regards

      • Dani says:

        Nirklars like I told you I got the solution to open the program, and now I am translating it to Spanish hehe. If you want I can send you the program translated when I finish it. I am trying to get the solution by myself but by the moment I don’t find it. If I find it, I will tell you, but if you see my messages please tell me. Regards!

  65. Dani says:

    Nirklars!!I did it, sorry for being so boring hehe. I translated the program to spanish, but I had a little problem, when you click “editar ajustes avanzados”(Edit advanced settings), there is a bug in the software, but anyway you can edit the settings manually modifying the “configuration” file.

    I also did another thing, I disabled the chance to use the modes “Enable L/R trigger buttons” and “Enable emulator enhancement keys”, because I’ve never used that, and it was disturbing me, and I changed the configuration of buttons to change between mouse mode and gaming mode, now it’s START+SELECT+LB, I could have put start+select+LB+RB, but it was some conflict with another buttons.

    Here is the software: [removed]
    EDITORS NOTE: Direct link to executable file omitted. Please do not direct link to executable files.

    Kind regards!

  66. Hi Congrats for the program 😀
    A question , is posible change Toggle Mouse Simulator combination ??

    • Dani says:

      It is, read my comments above your comment! If you don’t like that combination I will tel u how to do it

      • Neogeo71 says:

        What line in he script can I find to change the button combination to toggle gaming mode? I too require a different combination of buttons. Very excited to begin using this program

      • Dani says:

        Now I don’t have my PC with windows (I use mac), but I remember it was over the line 300 and 350, I don’t know exactly where, but that’s between those lines. The link I posted above contains the program modified to change between Mouse/Gaming by pressing start+select+RB, which in my case, I never press accidentally like I did before modifying the program.

  67. pajkus says:

    Perfect program. I have been searching all over internet for something like this 🙂 Good work

  68. Just wanted to thank you. I’m using this for a few month. It works great!

  69. Great peace of software you have over here!! I just wanted to know how to re-map the buttons on the controller. I went to the XboxMouse.ini but over there i could only change the mappings of the left and right triggers. I however want to change the other buttons too. For egs:
    B=Esc… etc
    These are my preferred mappings but i cant find a way to edit them into the program. And BTW the feature where you press RB+LB+B and it disables/enables the program is SUPER-USEFUL and awesome…
    Please help meeeee??

  70. Dani says:

    Hi again nirklars! Have you finally found interesting the program translated to Spanish? And what do you think about the combination of buttons in the ahk modified file?

    Now I would like to know if it is possible to press another different combination of buttons to toggle between “full screen/window”, and another configuration to open a program (in my case, explorer.exe, I have an “steam machine” which doesn’t load windows when starts). It could be interesting too to open task administrator with another combination of buttons.


    • Neogeo71 says:

      I too am building a steam machine using steam as windows shell. This driver works well with steam big picture mode? In games as well? Any info on your build is welcome!

  71. Daryan says:

    Hey I’m using an Xbox One wired controller for Windows and everything works but the left mouse button (left analog stick). Anything I can do?

    • Paft says:

      I am really really tired so I probably read your post wrong…. I too have a Xbox One pad now and the script still works which I assumed it would do anyway as PC games just detect it as a 360.

      Left Mouse = A (green) not left analog stick.

      • Daryan says:

        Sorry I meant that the left analog stick doesn’t move the mouse cursor on the screen.

  72. Paft says:

    I am really really tired so I probably read your post wrong…. I too have a Xbox One pad now and the script still works which I assumed it would do anyway as PC games just detect it as a 360.

    Left Mouse = A (green) not left analog stick.

  73. talha says:

    i am trying to write a code for gun simulator to perform mouse operations..
    can u help me.

  74. Davin says:

    thank you so much for this it works flawlessly….

  75. Adam Jimenez says:

    This program is excellent. There were a few changes I wanted so I created a fork on Github:

    Changes so far:
    * Fullscreen LB+RB+Up
    * Holding dpad now repeats cursor presses
    * Show icons instead of tooltip when enabling / disabling (LB+RB+B)
    * Disable Virtual keyboard/ Toggle Emulator/ Toggle Triggers

    • nirklars says:

      Nice work 🙂

    • dani says:

      Hey how are you? I found very interesting your changes in the program, I had never used before toggle emulator and toggle trigger, but I use a lot Virtual keyboard. I would be grateful if you told me how to take back the virtual keyboard, or more simple, if you add it, the VK is a very good thing to navigate in my htpc by internet from the sofa hehe.

      kind regards

  76. Daryan says:

    My Xbox One controller doesn’t seem to work. The buttons work but the mouse doesn’t move

  77. Paft says:

    It’s default as far as I remember:


    Right Click>XBoxMouse>Properties>Compatibility>Comparability Mode>Windows 7

    See if that does anything.

    • Daryan says:

      Thanks, I uninstalled an re-downloaded and it works amazing now. But there is one issue, the program doesn’t seem to run well in games. In GTA 4 for example even when I disable XboxMouse it seems to interfere with my game controls, like pressing the gas in a car turns off the radio. It also seems to inerfere with Battlefield 4

  78. Gabo says:

    Works like a charm in my win 7 x64 . I will port this to linux as soon as I have the time… Thank you very much!

  79. WuJJ says:

    Thank you. Simple and elegant solution. That’s all what programs should be.

  80. gooliv3r says:

    Hey, How can i make fullscreen? Normaly i use alt + enter. Can i do it with XBOXmouse?

  81. Barry says:

    Hello Nirklars, great great share you gave us and I am still in awe how you freely share your hard work.

    I have one question, Is I was wondering if you can make this work with the xboxone and the keypad attachment.

  82. squee147 says:

    Thanks for the great program. I made some of the change to source mentioned in comments above, but it’s not working with the version of autohotkey I just downloaded. I got it to compile after removing the password and no decompile flags (which I guess are no longer supported), but then it throws errors when I try to run it.

    What version of autoHotKey did you use to compile this?


  83. Brady says:

    hi i am trying to reverse and customize the controls example: I am trying to make it so that I can play minecraft on my computer with this I want to make left thumb walking the right thumb view
    LT sprint RT crouch etc
    do you know how I could do that PS Nice Program I love it

    • Dani says:

      It is possible but is not easy, you have to get into the code like it has been explained here and modify some things. There is a more customizable program with a good-looking interface called “Controller Companion” on Steam that does everything you want.

  84. Phil says:

    @Nicklas – If nobel prizes were given out for useful utilities, you sir would be the first recipient. Many loves ❤

  85. Andrew says:

    My issue is that the scroll is stuck in the scroll up from start-up. I only had this problem in windows 10, in windows 8 no problems. Also I think it would be awesome if when enable the xbox button acted as the windows button.

  86. PatchesOHoulihan says:

    Hi, first of all: great software. Thanks for your effort.
    Unfortunately, I have a problem with the mouse wheel. I am running Windows 10 with a XBox one controller and as soon as I start moving the mouse on the screen (using the controller) the mouse wheel input gets some kind of offset and slowly goes up to the top of any webpage. This will also interfere with the wheel of my regular mouse. I was able to basically disable the controller mouse wheel with settings:
    This way I can still use the wheel on my regular mouse but I would also like to use the controller to do this. Any ideas?
    Also, is there a way to make the mouse movements a lot more sensitive? ‘MouseCursorSpeedSlowdownMultiplier’ does not seem to do anything on my machine.
    Moreover, I think a button for {Space} would be great. I have seen the comments about this and might change this myself. Just saying :).
    Cheers, Patches

  87. Jake Long says:

    Great Program,Thanks a lot.But it has some major Drawbacks,first one there is no option for custom mapping ! Default Mapping is not very use for me like i prefer to use Shift + Delete a lot which is not available and those trigger + Combinations messes up my Games ! And Weirdley it messes up my PCSX2 Too ! Like when i press start button in pcsx2 with Simulator toggled off, it loads load state !! if you Add Custom Mapping this will be the perfect program available on whole planet earth !i hope you will consider it….

  88. nirklars says:

    Minor edits for the XBoxMouse 1.5 version to support the KSIX Bluetooth Controller
    KSIX Bluetooth Controller

    Its for Android but works in Windows as well. The button mappings are a little different.

    Download here:

  89. […] Source: XBoxMouse Simulator Open Source V1.5 […]

  90. Diogo Simão says:

    Dude, it is awesome. THANK YOU

  91. KDR says:

    I am using this software since yesterday and I’m really liking it!! Finally I found a software that makes it possible to use the controller as a mouse, and even better and complete that I would imagine.

    BUt something that I really would like to change is the mouse stick. is there a way to make the mouse to be the RIGHT STICK instead of the LEFT STICK? (and the scroll being on the left stick). I’m trying ot figure it out, but I had no luck. So is there a way to do that?

    Things that I like:

    The function of holding LB or RB to make it slower and holding both buttons to make even slower, is great.

    The LB and RB to change tabs, the LT and RT to change volume, the Close current window hotkey and the Toggle current window. (it could have a “close tab” hotkey as well).

    Can you explain what the Toggle Triggers hotkey does?

    What I don’t like is the scrolling:
    Mouse scroll: On Firefox it is too slow and if I hold just a little bit, it goes too fast. On chrome and on folders, it goes down faster, but sometimes I have to press 2 or 3 times to make the page to go down, sometimes it “jumps” (scrolls down 2 times while moving down one at time), and if I hold it, it goes too fast. Is there a way to make it feel smoother? and I did tried to customize on the .ini file but I could not make it feel good. Another thing to add is the ability to scroll side to side while using the analogue stick.

    D-pad scroll: Another thing is when you use the D-pad to do this, it works good, but one thing to make it perfect, is to be able to hold the Dpad up or down, but keep the speed (no acceleration).

    A few things to make it even better:

    As I mention the function of slowing down mouse speed for better accuracy, you could add a function that it does the opposite. The function to make the mouse faster, for when you are with the mouse, for example on the bottom right of the screen, and you want to go to the top left of the screen, with this function, you would get to there faster.

    Although I’m not having any problems with this so far, but I agree with some comments that it would be really nice to have key binding. Or even better and having the ability of make customizable hotkeys with other functions.

    But overall I like this a lot! Thanks for all the work.

    • KDR says:

      I forgot to add that the virtual keyboard is another thing that is really good as well.

      and btw sorry about my english.

  92. Geralt of Rivia says:

    Firstly, thank you for this fantastic application! I just recently purchased the Xbox Elite controller. Any chance you will support this gamepad? As far as I can tell there only appears to be one noticeable issue. The right trigger appears to be acting as the scroll function, which the right analog should be assigned to. The right analog does nothing. I’ve tweaked the advanced settings in many ways, but it doesn’t appear to be fixable through those. The issue appears to be the assignment of the right stick. All issues appear to stem around them, because now that I think of it, the triggers seem to work even when they are disabled. If you don’t have the Elite controller and would like to help support it I would be able to troubleshoot and test for you, lol. Thanks!

    • Geralt of Rivia says:

      If you could help me find a way to disable the scroll functionality altogether with the elite controller that would be enough. I never really liked the way it worked in most applications anyway. But it actually breaks scrolling when using the Elite controller currently, because windows do not scroll at all with the controller connected and the application running. Thanks again.

  93. Geralt of Rivia says:

    It would appear my first reply went nowhere, so here is a much shorter one…

    Do you plan to support the Xbox Elite controller?

  94. Jerome says:

    Thank you so much for that prog. By far the best I’ve seen.
    Especially the slow mouse option (RB+LB). Thanks!

  95. Pablo says:

    Wonderful program man, thank you for sharing it!

    Like KDR above, I want to change the use of the right stick to be the left stick’s, and I want the use of the left stick to become the right stick’s use. I checked the code but it seems an itty bit complex for my noobie coding skills. If there’s a simple way to do that swap of analog uses, would you tell us how to? (because I don’t want to take much of your time).

    Thanks in advance!

  96. Chad says:

    I’ve been looking for something exactly like this!! I’m going to get a wired controller today, I really hope this works out well. I’m hoping to use it to control my CAD 3D Drawing programs.
    if it does work the way it should I’m gonna be ecstatic!!!!

  97. Sam Kowald says:

    Does this work on windows 10 with a xbox one controller? I have tried it and can only use the trigger buttons for volume.

  98. ThisIsWhereIMakePotatoKnishes says:

    After installing LibUSB I got the following error:
    Error Installing Driver
    System policy has been modified to reject unsigned drivers

    Ignoring that I still followed the other steps installing vJoy and the application.
    Running Xbox 360 Wireless Chatpad.exe gave me this:
    [7/2/2017 12:25:26 PM] – ERROR: Wireless Receiver Not Found.
    [7/2/2017 12:25:26 PM] – WARNING: Failed to Acquire vJoy Gamepad Number 4.
    [7/2/2017 12:25:26 PM] – WARNING: Failed to Acquire vJoy Gamepad Number 3.
    [7/2/2017 12:25:26 PM] – WARNING: Failed to Acquire vJoy Gamepad Number 2.

    Needless to say I think this manual is outdated.

    • ThisIsWhereIMakePotatoKnishes says:

      Never mind. You need to run inf-wizard.exe as Administrator. This solved all issues consequently. Chatpad typing is very unstable though.

    • DialysisDude says:

      Unfortunately the creator stopped updating years ago. It doesn’t work at all in Windows 10. Last update was in 2012 😦

  99. pandelas says:

    Can you please add support for xbox one controller and windows 10 on the next update?

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