Bypassing European ‘Right to be forgotten’ censorship of Google

Update 2016: Using to bypass the filter no longer works. Google now censors EU results if you’re in the EU ISP IP range. You have to use a US proxy.

This post is not related to any software but rather in opposition of censorship.


If you’re in the EU and searching using Google you may have encountered this notice at the bottom of some pages:


If you did not know there is a European Union law that allows people the “Right to be forgotten” which specifically applies to Google search.

While it may sound like a good idea in some regards, like perhaps false accusations; in practice it forces search providers to act as judges for what is appropriate.

This can have the exact opposite effect for actual perpetrators which makes this legislation really flawed.


There are many ways to bypass such filters, one of them by using another search engine or any kind of vpn or proxy server. There is also a hidden option in Google:

The abbreviation NCR stands for – no country redirect.
This option will return US search results.

More information

I won’t go into this into this law in any more detail but feel free to read more about the “Right to be forgotten” and controversy related to it here: