[Addons-Collection-Backup] Rare/custom addons by other authors

Please note that this article was written in 2015, some info may be out of date. See notes of continued projects in red.

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Here are some rare addons or custom edits by various authors that have been lost. As these can be hard or near impossible to find so here are some backups! If you’re the author of any of these, contact me and I will add your name.

When updating mods:

  • Always remove the old folder before extracting the new mod! Overwriting/combining folders will mix old and new versions creating a jumbled mess which will cause LUA errors.
  • Backup your Interface and WTF folder somewhere safe in case you wish to go undo any changes.

BigWigs Kronos Edition – LazySpell conflict fix

Update 2017: This modified version is out of date. Don’t use this!
Get the latest version of BigWigs-Kronos edition by Synced.
Direct download of BigWigs-Kronos edition (remove -master from folder name)
Direct download of BigWigs-Kronos-LoathebHealers (remove -kronos from folder name)
GitHub repository

Bigwigs was updated to work on Kronos by Ermean from Vanguard. I don’t know him but awesome work and big thanks! 🙂

This version unfortunately has a conflict with another addon for Clique named LazySpell. It’s caused by translation errors in \libs\Babble-Spell-2.2\

Here is a fixed version of both BigWigs and LazySpell

Download – 2015-11-12 (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)

Please read this before installing:

  • You don’t need BigWigs_Debugger, it’s for developers.
  • You don’t need BigWigs_ZombieFood, it’s for tracking when your raid members get dazed.
  • You don’t need BigWigs_RespawnTimers. It can be annoying but handy when progressing and learning. Disable the addon completely or right click the minimap icon to toggle it on/off from Extras -> Respawn Timers -> Bars (uncheck it)
  • If you just want to hide a specific timer CONTROL+LMB click it
  • To move timers go to Plugins -> Bars -> Show Anchor

I added a hidden option for clickthrough on the timers (good when AOE:ing if you really want them) Use /bigwigsclickthrough to toggle on/off. Might require a /reloadui in order to update.


Clique support for LunaUnitFrames V1095

Update 2017: This modified version is out of date. Don’t use this!
Get the latest version from Aviana. The latest version now supports Clique if you install the plugin supplied in the LunaUnitFrames zip download.
Download the latest version of LunaUnitFrames here
This video and the description covers some configurations for version 2.x

LunaUnitFrames by Aviana is my favorite UI / raid frame addon. It has it’s own click casting support built in but as of yet it’s not as powerful as the one in Clique. Clique supports combinations modifiers and its easier to edit custom LUA functions directly into the mod. The big drawback with Clique is the lack of auto self cast. (Which can be worked around using macros, see my macros page!)

There has previously been a custom version of Clique floating around some forums with updated support for LunaUnitFrames. This broke a couple of versions ago. Here is my tiny fix to make it work again 🙂

  • You need to manually delete old settings stored in LunaUnitFrames.lua in your WTF\Account\<account name>\SavedVariables when updating! Otherwise you’ll get errors.

All necessary addons are included in the zip file including Clique, Luna, MobHealth and BonusScanner (to avoid accidental version conflicts)

Download Clique support for LunaUnitFrames V1095 – 2015-11-19 (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)

Download Clique support for old Luna (Mirror)

CustomNamePlates – With Debuff support

Update 2017: This addon is out of date. Get the continued version by Shagu instead! It is a great forked continued development of this addon.
Get ShaguPlates instead!

Replaces the ugly default nameplates and also adds debuff icons below your current targeted hostilemob.

This addon lacks any information of the original author. To make matters worse someone unknown made an excellent addition to add debuff support to this already excellent addon.

You can customize the width and height of the bar by opening CustomNameplates.lua in a text editor and changing the values inside the parenthesis for HealthBar:SetWidth(100) or HealthBar:SetHeight(7). For example HealthBar:SetHeight(12) will make them thicker.

Download (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)


KLH Threat Meter 17.35 – Black custom version

I don’t know who made the edits to begin with but this has been passed around between guildies.

Download (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)



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