[Guide-Coding] How to write your first Vanilla WoW addon!

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Must be viewed in 1080p! Links are in the description. Unvoiced.

This guide is an introduction showing the process of writing a very basic addon for Vanilla (Legacy) World of Warcraft printing your player characters parry skill. It’s aimed for beginners or coding novices who want to start writing their own.

This video covers:
– File declaration and folder structure
– Slash commands
– Function linkability with addons and macros
– Looking up features from the API
– Creating new keybindings
It does not cover any explanations on programming in LUA.

Link to the old archived vanilla wow LUA programming API:

The source code editor with syntax highlighting in use in this video is Notepad++

Hopefully this tutorial on how to write a very basic vanilla wow addons was of some use to you or set you in the right direction on how to write macros!

The point of this is to be educational and helpful 🙂


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