[Guide] Vanilla WoW ramdisk script

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NOTE! This script is a ‘band aid’ for people who have an old computer and no SSD.
In order to use this script you must have at least 8GBs of ram!

Running games from a ramdrive (aka a ramdisk) is a bit odd and has some specific pros and cons that are important to know about. If you are new to the concept of a ram disks you can read more about them here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAM_drive

What does it do?

This script will create a ramdisk (which is a simulated harddrive) that is actually 6gb of reserved memory stored on your volatile ram memory. The following script I’ve written copies all the wow data files to the ramdrive and creates NTFS symbolic links linking back to your real Interface, Screenshot and WTF folders. This way all of your settings and changes made after creating the ramdrive will be saved. This is a workaround to prevent losing data when you shutdown the ramdisk.


  • Very fast loading times while in-game. Good if you keep your computer on.
  • Very fast restarts of wow.exe after errors/crashes.
  • Quickly re-queue for battlegrounds.
  • Minimize client side loading lag when many players are around the same area.


  • Very slow startup time when loading for the first time after rebooting your computer.
  • Eats up a hefty 6GB of your ram while the ramdrive is active
  • If you already have a fast SSD or multiple SSD’s in RAID0 this is script is pointless

The basic tradeoff of running this script is trading a long loading time when first starting the game for shorter loading times while the game is running. If you need to restart wow for some reason you don’t need to restart the whole ramdrive. Starting the script again will detect if a ramdrive is already loaded and start wow directly.

Here is an example of a login loading screen for the first time from cold boot without any addons:

Benchmark comparison example

The ramdisk software we will be using is Imdisk. Imdisk is a tiny 400 kb nimble ramdisk program for windows written in open source code.

I’ve been running this script for some time now and haven’t had any issues with it so far, thus I wanted to share it so that other people could make use of it! πŸ˜€

Instructional step-by-step guide

(The following will require you to run as an administrator!)

1. Install ImDisk from the site above or download directly from here (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2) (I’m using V1.9.4)
MD5: 7a3cd9338449bb28f5d5f6451e9239b8

2. Save the following batch scripts and place them into your wow folder:
wow imdisk ramdrive -attach.bat (mirror)
wow imdisk ramdrive -detach.bat (mirror)
(You might have to right click the links and select save as)

3. If you run from a SSD or USB flash memory you can skip this step!
Save the following script and place it into your wow folder (right click and select save as)
hdd-prevent-powersaving-spindown.vbs (mirror 1) (mirror 2)
(You might have to right click the link and select save as)

This script will prevent the harddrive from going into energy saving mode (spindown). If your harddrive goes into energy saving mode wow might freeze for 5-10 seconds when it’s saving settings or screenshots. This is highly annoying and this will prevent that.

NOTE! The drive letter R:\ must be free before proceeding.
4. Run wow imdisk ramdrive -attach.bat to start loading the ramdrive. (click on the link to see how it should look)
The loading time may take 1-3 minutes to complete.

5. Run wow imdisk ramdrive -detach.bat if you want to shut down the ramdisk manually and free up your reserved 6gb of ram.
The ramdisk R:\ will also automatically be removed when you shutdown or reboot your computer.

End words

If you encounter any issues or this doesn’t work for you it’s probably due to some security settings in windows. (especially windows 8 can be tricky…) Please leave a comment describing your problem and I might be able to help.

Do you have less than 8GB of ram? Sorry you will have to switch out your computer or upgrade πŸ™‚