[Addon-Release-Alpha] NBR – Nirklars Buff Remover (buff cap limit workaround)

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WARNING – This addon is in Alpha testing, its efficiency may differ greatly depending on your server. Before proceeding please read the possible issues/caveats below.

I wrote this addon as a workaround to the 32 buff cap limit being filled and the wrong buffs pushed out.

It is also intended as a better alternative to “buff banning”. There are other addons that allow you to simply ban certain buffs (automatically remove them) but this is not a good solution to this problem. The issue of reaching the buff cap mainly applies to warriors since they have many passively/reactively abilities that take up buff slots like enrage, flurry etc.

What this does is automatically remove the least useful buff when you get close to the buff cap. This addon follows a priority list which the most important buffs are at the top and the least important at the bottom.

Change log:

Updated profiles Aggressive and Default courtesy of Cadux
Added console commands for people who disable their minimap icons. Type /nbr

First release


Remove -master from the folder name.

Github repo:


You set the cap removal threshold manually from the minimap icon. I.e. at which buff count the addon should start to to remove buffs.

If you play on Kronos this can’t be higher than 30 for warriors because warrior stances currently counts as a hidden buff and you need at least 1 buffer slot in order to remove buffs and not have the wrong buff pushed out. Some testing may be required to find the optimal threshold, 28-29 might be more optimal due to more buffs/auras being invisible.

Possible issues/caveats

  • I tested it on my own testing server and it should work without errors but there may be things I have not accounted for or things being treated differently depending on server settings.
  • If you encounter any errors please take a screenshot of the error and disable the addon. Please share errors here.
  • Install improved error frames if you don’t have it. In case you get errors it will just beep and save the errors in a log and not disturb you with an annoying popup while playing.
  • According to old sources totem auras should not count as regular buff slots but several players suspect that they are counted as regular buffs on Kronos. (I don’t know yet – more testing is needed!)
  • If Kronos doesn’t count totem auras they could be added to a separate ignore list but I have not implemented that yet. For now reduce threshold if this is the case.
    Weapon enchants like Windfury should not count as a buff so the addon does not count those but I don’t know for certain.
  • Only the “Default” profile in the addon is currently configured. I will leave it up to everyone else to help figure out and write optimal profiles!

Once I have gathered some good different profile buff priority lists I can implement automatically swapping profiles depending on latest target. For example prioritizing protection potions on bosses where you need those. (I.e. Nature protection potions on Viscidus)

Assistance in writing the priority lists

I need your help in writing the best priority lists. Obviously this can be tricky and requires testing to get it right. If you would like to help in any way please keep reading below! Thank you 😀

How to edit the priority lists

Open up WoW\Interface\AddOns\NBR\NBR.lua in a text editor and edit highlighted list.
Buffs at the top have highest priority.
Buffs at the bottom have lowest priority and will be removed first.
Buffs not in the list will never ever be removed.
Hence it’s good to fit as many weird unnecessary buffs as you can in it.
Right now all the different profiles are the same.

You have 5 different profiles to edit as of now (Can add more later if needed)
– Leeroy Jenkins
– Aggressive
– Default
– Resistance Potions
– Survivalist

Or you can copy and edit the following and paste it as a comment below.

"Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer",
"Spirit of Zandalar",
"Sayge's Dark Fortune of Damage",
"Warchief's Blessing",
"Songflower Serenade",
"Battle shout",
"Blood Fury",
"Fengus' Ferocity",
"Diamond Flask",
"Arcane Shroud",
"Holy Strength",
"Bonereaver's Edge",
"Trueshot Aura",
"Battle Squawk",
"Traces of Silithyst",
"Elixir of the Mongoose",
"Mighty Rage",
"Juju Power",
"Fire Festival Fury",
"Fire-toasted Bun",
"Smoked Desert Dumplings",
"Juju Might",
"Juju Flurry",
"Mark of the Wild",
"Strike of the Scorpok",
"Berserker Rage",
"Mol'dar's Moxie",
"Spirit of Zanza",
"Power Word: Fortitude",
"Greater Nature Protection Potion",
"Greater Shadow Protection Potion",
"Ancestral Fortitude",
"Furious Howl",
"Prayer of Shadow Protection",
"Power Word: Shield",
"Abolish Poison",
"Abolish Disease",
"Healing Way",
"Water Breathing",
"Blood Rage",
"Water Walking",
"Lightning Shield",
"Arcane Brilliance",
"Dampen Magic",
"Amplify Magic",
"Prayer of Spirit",
"Fire Shield",
"Detect Invisibility",
"Detect Greater Invisibility",
"Detect Lesser Invisibility"

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