[Addon-Release] Nirklars keybindings

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Nirklars keybindings (mostly for druids)


Allows you to use a bunch of features that normally requires long and annoying macros to complete.

Usage and info

Type /nirk or /nirklars to get a list of all possible commands.

This addon does not overwrite or replace any regular features in the game. All of the added functionality must be accessed by using the added key bindings or by using macros.
Go into Main Menu -> Keybindings and scroll down to Druid bindings.

Mouseover casting supports the addons LunaUnitFrames V1095, CT_RaidAssist emergency monitor with ClassicMouseover (mirror) and hovering your cursor over targets in world. Example for using mouseover casting in macros (they work the same, one is shorter):

/run NirkMouseoverCast("Healing Touch(Rank 1)")
/run NMC("Healing Touch(Rank 1)")

I wrote this addon to simplify (some) of my long macros as all of my macro slots were taken. It’s in no way a “main stream” addon and it’s not cleaned up for proper release. It doesn’t even have a GUI. Still, it might be of some use to you. 🙂

It contains bindings for all druid healing spell ranks. All of the bindings use either autoselfcast or mouseover casting. Mouseover will not switch your current target. If you don’t have any unit focused with your cursor, it casting the spell on your target instead.

Global functions

Functions are global, which means that you can insert them into your own macros. Example:

/run NirkMouseoverCastWarning("Innervate")

The example above will mouseover cast Innervate, whisper a warning message to the mouseover “target” and broadcast in a chat channel of your choice.
In order for it to broadcast to a channel you need to specify which channel and save it. Set a channel using a command followed by the channel name. Example:

/warnc myguildhealers

Rejuvenation overwrite protection / toggle – or Swiftmend if rejuv is active


Compact autoattack / auto target

Example to auto attack+target nearest hostile+cast spell all in one macro.  You also have to put “Attack” from your spellbook into an action bar. In this example slot 25 which is top right.

/usat 25
/run CastSpellByName("Moonfire(Rank 8)")

Download version 1.63 – 2016-02-14
(mirror 1) (mirror 2) Some more bindings and shorter mouseover function.

Download version 1.62 – 2016-01-20
(mirror) Some more bindings including mouseover decursing – Chooses spell for removing curse, poison, magic, disease etc depending on your class.

Download version 1.61 – 2015-09-22
(mirror) Toggle spell name casting notification when using Mouseover casting using command /nirknotice

Download version 1.6 – 2015-09-17
Rejuvenation overwrite protection. Spam buffing, Buff checking. Autoselfcast with cancelform bindings.

Download version 1.5 – 2015-09-04
CT_RaidAssist (mirror) emergency monitor support if you also have ClassicMouseover (Mirror) [*]

Download version 1.4 – 2015-09-01

Download version 1.3 – 2015-08-18

Download version 1.2 – 2015-08-08

Download version 1.1 – 2015-07-16

Download version 1.0 – 2015-07-13



bindings16-1 bindings16-2



3 Comments on “[Addon-Release] Nirklars keybindings”

  1. Anyway to disable the “cast X spell on Target” in the middle of the screen?

  2. […] slotID there as well. You can’t use the item by name. For that you need an addon. My addon Nirklars Keybindings has this functionality with /use […]

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