[Guide] Vanilla WoW convert all screenshots from TGA to JPG or PNG

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TGA is a file format that isn’t used much anymore. A more preferable lossless format is PNG which is used by all web browsers and compresses much better. Choosing JPG over PNG will result in lossy and grainy images but they require less disk space.

This quick guide will show you how to quickly convert all TGA image files in your current folder using ImageMagick. ImageMagick is a command line image manipulation suite with its roots in linux. ImageMagick is free open source GPL software.

Step by step guide

  1. Manually download ImageMagick portable here and extract mogrify.exe from the zip file OR download directly from here:

    mogrify.exe –  GPL license
    MD5 checksum: 9f1ff931e9f601d7ee651460ea7c2a19
    Place the file into your \World of Warcraft\Screenshot\ folder

  2. Download the following batch scripts and place them into your \World of Warcraft\Screenshot\ folder. Or copy and paste the commands below and save as .bat files manually.

    convert TGA to JPG.bat
    (you may have to right click and select save link as)

    mkdir jpg
    mogrify -path "jpg" -format jpg -quality 96 "*.tga"

    convert TGA to PNG.bat
    (you may have to right click and select save link as)

    mkdir png
    mogrify -path "png" -format png "*.tga"
  3. Double click on the bat file of choice to start!

Animation example of conversion procedure

tga to jpg or png


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