Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced Edition – Voices from BG1EE

I noticed that the voice packs included in Baldur’s Gate Enhanced edition (BG1EE) wasn’t included in Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced edition (BG2EE) for some reason.

Here is how to fix it:

Alternative A – Renamed files

  1. Download this zip file with the voice files already renamed.
  2. Extract it into your install directory BG2EE\lang\en_US\sounds
  3. Start the game!

Alternative B – Manually rename and copy files

  1. Make a temporary folder anywhere. For example on your desktop named “work”
  2. Go into your install directory BG1EE\lang\en_US\sounds
  3. Copy the files beginning with the following names to your work folder:
    • Female4Y.wav
    • Female5Y.wav
    • Female6Y.wav
    • Male4Y.wav
    • Male5Y.wav
    • Male6Y.wav
  4. Rename the files as follows; (if you copy them directly you will get conflicts)
    Naming syntax explanation
    • Here you will notices files named with the syntax FemaleXY.wav and MaleXY.wav
    • The filenames can’t exceed 8 characters. 12345678.wav is OK. 123456789.wav is NOT.
    • The AnyX is just a name identifier and can be anything.
    • The Y represents the type of situation the sound will be played. The situations for Y are listed alphabetically a to m.
    Explanatory Image:
  5. Rename the red characters Female4 to BGEFem1Y.wav (keep the blue character)
  6. Rename the red characters Female5 to BGEFem2Y.wav (keep the blue character)
  7. Rename the red characters Female6 to BGEFem3Y.wav (keep the blue character)
  8. Rename the red characters Male4 to BGEMal1Y.wav (keep the blue character)
  9. Rename the red characters Male5 to BGEMal2Y.wav (keep the blue character)
  10. Rename the red characters Male6 to BGEMal3Y.wav (keep the blue character)
  11. Copy all the files from your work folder to your install directory BG2EE\lang\en_US\sounds
  12. Now when you start the game you should have the new voice sets in the voice list!