Minecraft 1.6.4 with mods

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Minecraft 1.6.4 with forge mods!

Some screenshots of my base ūüôā
Mods are referenced and linked to in parenthesis.

EDIT 2014-08-12: Hopelessly attempted to add some helpful descriptions.




Decorative blocks with connected textures (Chisel) and (ExtraUtilities)
More biomes with (Biomes O’ Plenty)
Multi-block Steel tanks, an awesome method for storing mod related liquids (Railcraft)
Carpenter’s slopes (Carpenter’s Blocks)
Chunk loader to keep machinery active/working when away (ChickenChunks)
3 coke ovens for producing creosote oil (Railcraft)
Stained saplings that also work as dye (Project Red)
Farms primarily run using (Forestry). Stained saplings farmed using Planter & Harvester (Minefactory Reloaded)



Trees, sugar cane, netherwarts, cotton (Natura), rubber trees (IC2 Experimental), pumpkins, potatoes and carrots produced automatically using multiblock farms (Forestry).

Mana bean farm (Thaumcraft). Biome changed for beans to grow using Silverwood Trees (Thaumcraft) with nodes in them. Beans are harvested and replanted on greatwood logs by a Golem (Thaumcraft) and sucked up using Vacuum hoppers (OpenBlocks).



Portal system (Mystcraft/ComputerCraft) courtesy of Direwolf20! I just just did some tiny edits.
Turtles and computers are hidden behind the walls.

TIP: Add a small os.sleep(5) delay on the startup before running the “portal” program. The computer should to start after the “books” turtle has started. Otherwise the program will not start properly after rebooting the server.

Links to modified code:

Elevators (OpenBlocks)
Carpenter’s flower pot (Carpenter’s Blocks)



Main crafting hall.

Red, green lamps and coloured glowing buttons (Project Red).
Portals for quick instant travelling (Portal Gun)



Crafting and automatic ore processing hall.

Ore processing with approx 3x gain using (IndustrialCraft 2 Experimental).
Autocrafting with all machines using ME-interfaces (Applied Energistics).

Strongboxes (Thermal Expansion) act as item buffers. They work like chests but can be opened even though having a solid block on top.
Itemducts (Thermal Expansion) transfer items from strongbox buffers into the machines.

Itemducts are set to Round robin (orange) mode and to move small stacks to evenly distribute ore in all machines for quicker processing.
Hidden in the floor below all machines are basic or advanced input buses (Applied Energistics) according to need. They import all items into the AE storage system.



Left side (IndustrialCraft 2 Experimental) machines.



Right side (Thermal Expansion) machines.

Chandeliers (ExtraUtilities) prevents mobs from spawning in a 16 block radius.



AE storage network and all related machines are toggled on/off using blue button.
Orange button resets the whole AE network by breaking and replacing the ME Controller. This is useful when debugging or when crafting has accidentally stalled.



Power generation using IC2 Nuclear reactors (IndustrialCraft2 Experimental)



Reactor chambers protected using Wand Focus: Warding (Thaumcraft)



Reactor logic (Project Red) with latches and gates.

Four conditions need to be true in order for the reactors to run.
a) Reactors are on via main switch.
b) There has to be a need for energy.
c) There has to be available storage.
d) The temperature is below 500 degrees.
If these conditions are not met the reactors will not run. If d) becomes false a) is turned off and they all stop.


Setup using wireless redstone (WR-CBE Chickenbones) and Logic gates (Project Red).
One main on/off switch and a secondary for auto regulation automatically according to need.



Energy storage in IC2 MFSU and Wireless Redstone to signal need and backup power to Reactor Logic above.
Lamp fixtures and gates (Project Red). Digital Thermometers (IC2 Nuclear Control)



A “safe” reactor setup! (link) (link2) I did some minor more expensive changes.

EU/t: 230
Efficiency 3.83
Overall Efficiency 3.83
Cost: Iron 279, Copper, 625, Tin 91, Gold 34
Running cost: 0
Credit: Requia



Depleted fuel rods are automatically replaced every hour using (Computercraft) computers with (OpenPeripheral) to help read item name data.
Code: http://pastebin.com/7wBQiF98

Computers are set to run via Rednet cables (Minefactory reloaded)

An ME storage monitor (Applied Energistics) shows the number of available fuel in the AE storage system.



Thaumcraft room. Elevators (OpenBlocks)
When infusion crafting it happens that items accidentally fall off pedestal. These items are sucked up via vacuum hoppers and fed into a hungry chest.



Thaumcraft wand refilling room.

Remote wand refueling using ender chest/pouch (Ender Chest’s).
(Tip: There is no good way to read wand NBT data to determine when the wand is fully loaded. Use a comparator and a timer wait a certain time for the wand to refill before sending it back into your other ender chest/pouch.)




Flux goo cleanup by pressing a single button after using Thaumic Infuser or Crucible (Thaumcraft).



Drawbridges (Tinkers Mechworks) deploy Magic Walls (Ars Magica 2) for 2 seconds using a State cell. (Project Red).
The magic walls are just nice looking, any block will work.



Enchant copying room.

Circular from bottom left to right:

AutoDisenchanter (Minefactory Reloaded) accepts books and enchanted items in one chest and strips the items of their enchants. Producing enchanted books.
AutoEnchantment table (OpenBlocks) uses liquid XP from a tank instead of your experience.
Typesetting Table and Printing Press (BiblioCraft) enables you to copy enchanted books.
Deconstruction Table (Twilight Forest) returns materials from crafted items in exchange for experience.
XP Drain turns your XP into liquid XP for storage (OpenBlocks). Right clicking a tank (OpenBlocks) with liquid XP drinks it, giving you a level.



Semi automatic Tinkers Construct room for making all the best tools and weapons.
Redstone clock (ExtraUtilities) to empty out smeltery when you’re not there (Tinkers Construct).
Table decoration (Forge Multipart)
Chests (Iron Chests)



(Ars Magica 2) room with Light Nexus, Neutral Nexus & Dark Nexus.




Refilling Neutral Nexus with Liquid Essence using Autonomous Activators (Thermal Expansion) and buckets moved through itemducts.



Buildcraft & Forestry room. A lot of stuff here.

Middle: Assembly tables (Buildcraft) manual & automatic outputting into ME interfaces (Applied Energistics) for autocrafting circuits and Autarchic gates (Buildcraft).
Top: Lasers (Buildcraft) for Assembly tables to function.
BottomLeft: Carpenters (Forestry) using different fluids depending on what your crafting recipe requires. Liquids, water, creosote and seed oil.
TopLeft: Bee analyser (Forestry) running on Honey.
Outside: Multi-Block Steel Tank (Railcraft) with Liquid DNA (Extra Bees)
Top Right: Bee-related machines (Extra Bees)
Bottom Right: Centrifuges (Forestry) for turning bee products, combs into useful items.



Automatic Miner using (MFFS – Modular Forcefield System, Calclavia edition)
Best stuff since Redpower frames. Initial design idea courtesy of Direwolf20!

Running in the “Underdark” dimension reached by using a Portal to the Deep Dark (ExtraUtilities)
The yellow lights are created by the Flux capacitor upgrade for the Power fist (Modular Powersuits)

NOTE! Avoid using any forge multiparts especially wires or logic gates from Project Red, it can break your server! Naked Redstone Conduits are fine.

Computercraft brief explanation:

Redstone block tells the turtle that it has travelled too far in case of errors moving the frame.
The turtle carries and places its own ender chest. If there is an item inside the chest the turtle will proceed with the mining operation. Otherwise wait 10 seconds. (This functions as a wireless on/off switch)

The turtle moves outside any blocks moved by MFFS. If a turtle or computer is moved using MFFS it will cause issues and reduce server stability.
Computercraft turtle code: http://pastebin.com/rNwqH66u



MFFS setup brief explanation from top left to bottom right:

Tons of block breakers (OpenBlocks) clear the path in front of the rig. These cannot be Terrain smashers (Thermal Expansion). Terrain smashers have a chance of disappearing when moved using MFFS.
Rednet Cables (Minefactory Reloaded) for sending all redstone signals from the computer to control the rig and machinery.
(Ender chests) transfering items back to the base, Mining Wells (Buildcraft) digging down to bedrock.
Redstone Conduits (Thermal Expansion) feeding energy into the mining wells from the Resonant energy cells (Thermal Expansion).

The Turtle (Computercraft) controlling the rig making sure everything is done in the correct order.

Coercion deriver (MFFS) with 8 speed upgrades. (It converts energy from the tesseract into Fortron liquid energy and distributes it among the other MFFS machines.)
Tesseract (Thermal Expansion) receives energy wirelessly from base and sends items back wirelessly to the base. Works across dimensions.
Another Coercion deriver (MFFS) with 6 speed upgrades.
Fortron Capacitor (MFFS) storing fortron liquid energy.

The first Force Manipulator with “cube mode” installed. It is equipped with many “scale module” upgrades that cover all the blocks of the mining rig. (This is what moves the whole mining rig. It cannot move itself however.)

The secondary Force Manipulator with “cube mode” installed. This is equipped with two “translation module” upgrades. (The only purpose of this manipulator is to move the first force manipulator forward after a move operation because that can’t move itself.¬† This in effect creates an inchworm drive.)

Chunk loader (ChickenChunks) keeps the chunk loaded when you’re not there.



Power/logic room. Power generation for all the mods, control logics for automation.
Rednet Cable wiring (Minefactory Reloaded)



BottomCenter: (Ender Chests) and (Translocators) to keep ender pouches (Ender Chests) stocked with food, tools, cobble and other necessities when traveling.

Top: Remote ordering of items using (Logistics Pipes) retrieving items from the AE network using an ME-interface (Applied Energistics) .



This is what you might see when accessing your complete storage in AE network with a Remote Orderer (Logistics Pipes).
I had to toggle the Logistics pipes on manually using a wireless redstone remote (WR-CBE Chickenbones) because they appear to cause a lot of lag on my server. ( I set them to auto off in 30 seconds)



Backup powergen using Geothermal and Semifluid Generators (IC2 Experimental).
Activates automatically when there is only one MFSU out of four full.



Middle: Remote mining rig control. (Puts an item in the ender chest for 5 minutes. Then moves it out. This in effect starts and runs the mining rig operation.

Right: Canning machine (IC2 Experimental) autocrafting Enriched uranium (IC2 Experimental) in order to fuel to reactors.



Left: Mob farms on an AE subnetwork only for mob drops to prevent them overflowing the regular AE network.

Middle left: (Computercraft) Turtle dusts compactor. This computer makes sure only to send exactly 9 of everything downward into the Packager (Factorization) below it. This converts nuggets into ingots and tiny dusts into normal dust without it ever getting stuck in the packager. You can download the code I wrote here http://pastebin.com/zzAurEPk

Middle right: Bio Reactor (Minefactory Reloaded) producing Biofuel. This needs a high number of unique degradable items in order to produce fuel efficiently.

Right: Biofuel generators (Minefactory Reloaded)

Far right: AE Multi-Block item autocrafting



Recessed in floor: Automatic generation of cobblestone, smoothstone and obsidian using Igneous Extruders (Thermal Expansion).

Level emitters (Applied Energistics) read the amount of items in stock in the AE network. When there is enough in stock the emitter sends a redstone signal that tells the farms to stop. This prevents your AE system overflowing with produce and cobblestone.

Wireless redstone (WR-CBE Chickenbones)



UU-Matter production room

A lot of Recyclers (IC2 Experimental) turning cobblestone into scrap. When scrap is fed into and consumed in the Mass Fabricator (IC2 Experimental) it runs more efficiently.

Cobblestone is fed into the recyclers using a Router (Factorization) and Scrap is extracted from the recyclers using another Router. The router is a magical machine that can transfer items from or into any specified side on all blocks adjacent to one another without any need for pipes, tubes or ducts.

Scrap is fed from the second router into the Mass Fabricator with a normal itemduct (Thermal Expansion). The routers are equipped with Speed boost and Bandwidth Upgrades to move stacks and items very quickly.

A gate (Buildcraft) emits a redstone signal if there are no items (scrap) inside the Mass Fabricator (Preventing it from running empty.)



This is a Transfer Node (Extra Utilities) with 64 Mining Upgrades, a Stacks upgrade and a lot of Speed Upgrades.
Placing this onto a piece of cobblestone between a water source block and a lava source block will turn it into a super fast cobblestone generator quick enough to keep all the recyclers stocked with cobble and producing scrap for the mass fabricator with a small net gain.




Woops! accidental cameo
PowerArmor (Modular Power Suits)







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