HTML image gallery generator using VBScript and ImageMagick

Update 2015-06-11: Added msdos short paths to (hopefully) avoid unicode character errors

This VBScript will create a very basic HTML image gallery of all image files placed in the same directory as the script.

It generates thumbnails using ImageMagick and links to the original images.

ImageMagick is a free to use open source collection of command line tools for image editing, identifying, manipulation and much more.




Option a) – quick

gallery script

1. Download the script (mirror) together with portable ImageMagick mogrify.exe in this zip file.
MD5: 704945e2e269aa222ea321a9eff0871f

2. Extract both files in the same folder where you keep the images that you wish to use in your gallery

3. Double click on CreateHTMLImageGallery.vbs to start the procedure.

A black window should pop up showing the image conversion process in ImageMagick. The window will close when the thumbnails have been created and a preview window will open in your browser.


4. When done you should see a folder named thumbs with low resolution copies (thumbnails) of your images inside it.

Option b) – manual

1. Download ImageMagick from the windows portable edition here and place mogrify.exe in the same directory where you place the script. Alternately you can use the file supplied in the download above.

2. Copy and paste the code from below into your favorite plain text editor like notepad, notepad2 or notepad++

3. Save it with whichever name you prefer as long as you end the name with the file extension .vbs for example CreateHTMLImageGallery.vbs.

4. Double click on the script to start the process!

 VBScript to copy and paste


'Simple html gallery maker using ImageMagic mogrify.exe
'Written by Nicklas H

'Updated 2015-06-11


Set args = Wscript.Arguments
Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set SHELL = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

'Get proper current directory
SHELL.CurrentDirectory = FSO.GetParentFolderName(Wscript.ScriptFullName) 
'Declare folder to check files in
Set objFolder = FSO.GetFolder(SHELL.CurrentDirectory)
Set colFiles = objFolder.Files

'Declare global variables
Dim OutputFile 
Dim OutputFileContent
Dim FirstLineCheck

'You can change this to gallery.html or whatever you wish
OutputFile = SHELL.CurrentDirectory & "\index.htm"
'Change this if you want another thumbnail size or quality
ImageMagicArguments = "-thumbnail 200x -quality 65 -verbose"


'Check if a gallery already exists, if so then delete if

'Regular html gallery code stuff, this is just an example
W("	<head>")
W("	<title>Image Gallery</title>")
W("		<style>  ")
W("		a:link")
W("		{")
W("			text-decoration: none;")
W("			color: black;")
W("		}")
W("		a:visited")
W("		{")
W("			color: black;")
W("		}")
W("		a:hover")
W("		{")
W("			color: red;")
W("		}")
W("		img ")
W("		{")
W("			border-style: solid;")
W("			border-width: 2px;")
W("			margin: 2px;")
W("			padding: 0px;")
W("			}")
W("		</style>")
W("	</head>")
W("	<body>")

' Breakdown of the <img> tag to be pieced together in the loop
ImagePart1 = "		<a href='"
ImagePart2 = "'><img src='thumbs/"
ImagePart3 = "'></a>"

' Go through every file in the folder and create the <img> tag and stuff
For Each objFile in colFiles
	complies = false
	'check file extensions
	if InStr(objFile.Name,".jpg") > 0 then 
		complies = true
	elseif InStr(objFile.Name,".png") > 0 then 
		complies = true
	elseif InStr(objFile.Name,".jpeg") > 0 then 
		complies = true
	elseif InStr(objFile.Name,".gif") > 0 then 
		complies = true
	end if
	if complies = true then
		W(ImagePart1 & objFile.Name & ImagePart2 & objFile.Name & ImagePart3)
	end if

'Final part of the html code
W("	</body>")

'Write the file at once to save disk access times

'Check if imagemagick is there
if FSO.FileExists(SHELL.CurrentDirectory & "\mogrify.exe") then
	'Create folder and launch imagemagick
	MkDir(SHELL.CurrentDirectory & "\thumbs")
	command = Quote(SHELL.CurrentDirectory & "\mogrify.exe") & " -path " & Quote(ShortPath(SHELL.CurrentDirectory) & "\thumbs") & " " & ImageMagicArguments & " " & Quote("*")
	'start imagemagick command, 1, true
	'open the gallery in your browser Quote(OutputFile), 1, true
	msgbox "Unable to create thumbnail images. Please put ImageMagick mogrify.exe in the script folder and retry!"
end if


'Function to get short msdos path to work with unicode folder names
function ShortPath(myPath)
	ShortPath = FSO.GetFolder(myPath).ShortPath
end function

'Function to put quotation marks around paths
function Quote(this)
  Quote = Chr(34) & this & Chr(34)
end function

'Write a new line in the output file
Function W(strLine)
	'Skip line break on the first entry
	if FirstLineCheck = false then
		OutputFileContent = strLine
		FirstLineCheck = true
		OutputFileContent = OutputFileContent & vbNewLine & strLine
	end if
End Function

'Save the output file
Function SaveFile()
    Set stream = FSO.OpenTextFile(OutputFile, 2, True)
    stream.write OutputFileContent
	OutputFileContent = "" 'Clear memory
End Function

'Create folder until success
function MkDir(myFolder)
		'Fix env strings
		myFolder = translateEnvStr(myFolder)
		On Error Resume Next
		if FSO.FolderExists(myFolder) = true then 
			exit do
			if ErrorMessage() = false then
				exit do
			end if
		end if
		WScript.Sleep 1000
end function

'Delete a file if it exists, wait if it doesnt work and retry
function DelFile(myFile)
		'Fix env strings
		myFile = translateEnvStr(myFile)
		On Error Resume Next
		if FSO.FileExists(myFile) then
			if ErrorMessage() = false then
				exit do
			end if
			exit do
		end if
		WScript.Sleep 1000
end function

'Function that translates all EnvironmentStrings into real paths from inside a larger string. Lets call it strLargeEES.
function translateEnvStr(strLargeEES)
	'Count the number of % characters in the supplied string. This is done by removing all of the % from strLargeEES and subtract it from the original strLargeEES.
	intCharNum = Len(strLargeEES) - Len(Replace(strLargeEES, "%", ""))
	'Since there are two % signs for each EnvironmentString that means we divide the total number of EnvironmentStrings by...
	intExpandedStringsNum = intCharNum/2
	'Loop through all of the EnvironmentStrings. Because we need to translate each one separately.
	for i = 1 to intExpandedStringsNum
		'Cut out the part to the right of %
		strFirstCut = Right(strLargeEES,Len(strLargeEES)-InStr(strLargeEES,"%"))
		'Cut out the part to the left of %
		strSecondCut = Left(strFirstCut,InStr(strFirstCut,"%")-1)
		'The result from our cutting reveals the first EnvironmentString!
		result = "%" & strSecondCut & "%"
		'We translate this to the real folder by using a shell object
		translated = SHELL.ExpandEnvironmentStrings(result)
		'When we are done we replace the original EnvironmentString with the translated in strLargeEES
		strLargeEES = Replace(strLargeEES,result,translated)
	'When done return the whole translated string to the function call
	translateEnvStr = strLargeEES
end function



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    Hi there- just wanted to thank you for XboxMouse script…its seriously a dope app n very convenient. Another thibg is it possible to emulate xbox games on ur pc as I want to try this…Please let me knw..thanks..appreciate all your awsome help n work.

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