Minecraft island seeds (also small continents!)

Where are all the island paradises?

PLEASE NOTE! This is an old post. These seeds will only work for older versions of Minecraft from V1.2.5 to 1.6.4! Worldgen was changed in Minecraft version 1.7.

2012-09-06 – isolated small continents
2012-10-25 – more islands
2013-06-04 – very remote island continents
2013-07-04 – more remote island continents

Aside from small isolated islands (aka survival islands) you sometimes start at, normal islands are pretty hard to find because of the land generating algorithm preferring larger continents.

The trouble with “survival islands” are that they’re simply high terrain, sticking out of the water surface of normal ocean biomes. The drawback of starting in an ocean biome is that there are no animals, this removes many aspects of the game.

The black circle is the approximate starting area. At least this is where I ended up, you might spawn somewhere else.

Seed: -524847
If you travel south a bit from the spawn you reach this group of very isolated islands.

Seed: 8900216311878691
Beginning in a plains biome there are two nearby jungle islands and a larger swamp/desert/jungle island nearby. There is also a mushroom island not too far to the east.

Seed: 1635580565816
Not quite as isolated as the previous but you start on a jungle island with many ponds and several other large islands nearby.

Seed: -6684173545115485044
You begin in a jungle island nearby several larger islands.

Seed: 7011579459964
A larger island group.

Seed: -853355306314416
Several smaller swamp biome islands.

Seed: -611489010
A larger swamp island with larger cliffs nearby.

Seed: -1305140723723
Great mini-continent for your server! Desert, jungle, taiga, plains, extreme hills, a village, two temples (in 1.3.2) and a stronghold!

Update 2012-09-06
Isolated small continents

Seed: -2371212923244
This is the most isolated small continent I have encountered in Minecraft. To get to the closest continent you will have to travel a total of 3000 blocks. As if that wasn’t enough you also begin on a small forest island!

Seed: 13811243779
Here is another very isolated small continent! This one lacks villages and temples. You also begin on a forest island.

Update 2012-10-24

Seed: 23577899095233198
Plains and grasslands island with a small forest patch, also a nearby jungle island

Seed: 97375
Forest island, extreme hills, taiga and some larger islands.

Seed: -58056603865669781
An isolated small/medium size continent. From the desert island its about a thousand blocks to reach the mainland.

Update 2013-06-04

Seed: -44895951583
Another extremely isolated island continent. Your new favorite island paradise!


Here’s a better visual that shows how remote this island group is in relation to the mainland:


Seed: -35316387633275
Another remote island group!


Distance to the mainland:


Update 2013-07-04

Seed: 3490350665
Another extremely isolated island continent made up of smaller islands.


Distance to the mainland:


Seed: 60044909467604
Another extremely isolated island continent made up of smaller islands.


Distance to mainland:


Seed: 686642
A fairly isolated island continent.


All of the maps above were generated using the software Amidst, get it here!

Benefits, tips & recommended mods:

  • Separating continents by water is one solution to make chunk jags less noticeable.
  • Move the spawn point using MCEdit!
  • Looks nice on a map (check out the mod Dynmap for a dynamic webpage map)
  • The open sea is a good looking way of border off and restrict the available area on a server. (check out the mod World border on how to limit the server area)

Want to find your own island seeds?

Download Amidst and run my AutoHotkey script to quickly generate new random seeds every time you press enter!
If you find anything cool be sure to leave a comment!


13 Comments on “Minecraft island seeds (also small continents!)”

  1. Rifts_ says:

    how did u get these maps?

  2. Rifts_ says:

    are there anymore pages like this?

  3. zelrond says:

    I just love your seeds and have been using them for a while, now I found by accident a very beautifull one that fits into this topic!

    Its the 836276897

    Please enjoy yourself!

    • nirklars says:

      With the new commands added in 1.4 its extremely easy to find an island:
      1. Explore amidst until you find a suitable location in any seed
      2. Type down the coordinates for your island
      3. Teleport there using commands.
      4. When you’ve found a nice island type /spawnpoint (singleplayer)

      For example, in the seed which you supplied you could type the following:

      /tp zelrond 3300 100 -2300
      to visit a nice forest island


      /tp zelrond 19670 100 8900
      to visit a larger all jungle island.

      The /spawnpoint command only works for your character. In order to change the multiplayer spawnpoint for all players one has to edit the level.dat file using a third party NBT editor or set it using MCedit.

      Best Regards

  4. Arcesious says:

    Keep them coming! Your finds are very helpful as i am always looking for these sorts of highly isolated continents!

  5. Mikey says:

    i think this would be better with
    coordinates 😀

  6. Kat-chan says:

    I found one! I found one! It’s a very isolated island continent, about 4,000 meters away from the nearest mainland, and it’s quite small, only about 1,000 meters across at it’s widest! There aren’t any villages, but there are two temples, a few strongholds, and a variety of biomes. The seed is:

  7. zelrond says:

    With the new map gen it becomes almost impossible to fin this kind of seeds, oceans nerfed.

    I think there should be a section for the new 1.7 snaps for this kind of maps, it will have even more value than before!

    • nirklars says:

      I’ve snuck a peek on the new snapshots. Very exciting changes that remind a bit of the Biomes O’ Plenty mod. But in response to your comment, once the final version is released I will definitely try 😀

  8. pepijn524 says:

    Great seeds. I tried one, and later I read the seeds will only work for 1.2.5 to 1.6.4 and not for 1.7+… Although, I spawned in a perfect world, also with continents 😀

  9. zidrome says:

    8048297186177807399 Is worth a look

  10. Ryan Wheeler says:

    KITTIE all caps is a good seed with one tree.

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