XBoxMouse Simulator V1.5 Update!

V1.5 New features

  • You can now invert the volume trigger button hotkeys from the ini file.
    Default key binding: LT decreases and RT is increases.
  • Quickly switch monitor output! Hold down LB+RB and press Enter to switch output to your TV (Sends the key Win+P, please note that this only works on Windows 7!)
  • Extras bonus feature, windowed fullscreen (also called “fake” fullscreen. Holding down Ctrl+Alt and pressing F12 will maximize your current window and remove the borders.
    This will not work on all games. To use this feature on games that replace keyboard input you need an automated delay before applying the setting.

To set “fake” fullscreen in troublesome games please use my other software called AHKGameFrontend. You can configure the delay before applying the setting. You can also set process priority and more.

For those who have tried to modify the code you should know I have begun to cleanup the code for detecting modifier keys, the old solution was very clumsy for humans to read. It will take some time however to clean up.

Download here!

I hope that you enjoy this update!
Best regards, Nick


6 Comments on “XBoxMouse Simulator V1.5 Update!”

  1. Watson says:

    How do I disable the sound changing with the LT and RT buttons?

    I like the idea but it changes volume during gameplay as well.

    I have no idea how to set the buttons…

    Pls help~

    • nirklars says:

      Hello Watson!

      Please check the controls!

      You need to enter gaming mode! Hold down LB+RB and press B! Press again to toggle back to windows.
      While in gaming mode all hotkeys and the mouse cursor will be disabled. (the only exception being LT and RT simulation to keyboard keys Z and X, these can be disabled by pressing LB+RB and Y.

      You can currently only reconfig the mouse buttons 1,2,3 you do this by editing the ini file. Right click the system tray icon and select “edit advanced settings” you can change ButtonLeft, ButtonRight and ButtonMiddle.

      Best Regards

  2. richard says:

    Is there a way to use the “xbox box button” (the one with the 4 lights around it) to be used as the Windows key? I think for Windows 8 that would be awesome.



    • nirklars says:

      Hello Richard!
      Unfortunately this cannot be done solely by using AutoHotkey to my knowledge.
      Doing this would probably require programming of drivers which I cannot do.

  3. Anthony says:

    Is there any way I can add WASD to the right stick or d-pad? I want to play a game that doesn’t have gamepad support. I tried playing it with this enabled and it worked but I couldn’t move anywhere because the controls were WASD. And there wasn’t a setting to change the controls

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