Minecraft WorldEditTool – Remote Selection (AutoHotkey Script)

This post is out of date, please go here instead!


  • Quicker selection of remote areas. (I got tired of typing //hpos1 and //hpos2 all the time…)
  • Faster issuing of commands when administrating your Minecraft Bukkit WorldEdit server
  • I made this script to help me repair broken biomes faster. This is useful on older worlds.
  • Edit the AHK file and modify the commands to fit your needs



To issue a scripted command, hold down the ALT key:

  • Left mouse button //hpos1 (Select start/center point at any distance)
  • Right mouse button //hpos2 (Select second point)
  • Midde mouse button //sel (Clear selection)
  • Mouse button 4 //outset 1 (Expand selection)
  • Mouse button 5 //inset 1 (Contract selection)
  • Mouse wheel  //sel polygon/cuboid/sphere/ellipse/cylinder/extend/cuboid (Change the selection tool)
  • More buttons to come…

For a list of all available WorldEdit commands please visit the wiki Command Reference page.


  • Install AutoHotkey
  • Download the AHK script file and double click on it


  • Replaced by the application here.
  • Version 0.2 Compiled executable file. To quit, right click the system tray and select exit.
  • Version 0.2 SourceCode – Release (please right click and select save as)

Other mods used in this video

Known issues

  • Mouse buttons only works in windowed mode Now works by replacing F11 with a “fake fullscreen” maximized window!
  • You cannot move while issuing commands. Input is blocked to prevent sending WASD keys.
  • Issuing commands too quickly can bug explorer.exe (use the taskmanager to terminate the process if it locks up completely. Sorry about this I’m not sure what is causing it yet.)
  • If you have a slow computer please increase KeyDelay := 100 to 150 or higher in the AHK file.

2 Comments on “Minecraft WorldEditTool – Remote Selection (AutoHotkey Script)”

  1. octo says:

    chrome says its a virus or something…

    • nirklars says:

      Hello Octo!
      Could you please report back the exact error message that you get from Google Chrome?
      A print screen using http://imageshack.us/ would be great!
      Programs written using Autohotkey are known to accidentally cause false positives by Antivirus software because they listen to joypad and keyboard input.
      Best Regards

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