TerrainControl Skylands preset/config for Minecraft CraftBukkit

This preset configuration generates a skyland-like world for your Minecraft Craftbukkit server using the mod Terrain Control.


  • Small floating islands with occasional hill biomes that can reach up to 255 block height.
  • Uses all vanilla biomes.
  • No fancy custom BO2 objects, you will have to work with that yourself.
  • Ore is spread across the whole map, spawn rates have been increased (since ore normally only spawns close to bedrock)
  • Strongholds might have trouble being created on some seeds, look for errors in the server log. If it is displayed errors 3 times that means placement failed and there will be no strongholds on the map. Seed “0” should be fine. Try another seed if you want one.
  • No blocks are created below 64 height (horizon will never appear black unless you build downward)
  • Abandoned rail is disabled since this would spawn in the air and look really weird.



  1. Start the server once to create the required subfolders. Follow the instructions here.
  2. Locate the plugins folder in the CraftBukkit folder and put the mods there
    (TerrainControl.jar and Multiverse-Core.jar)
  3. Restart the server to create the required plugin subfolders.
  4. Extract the Skylands-preset configuration (download below) to your folder:
  5. Restart the CraftBukkit server if it is already running.
    (This is important, or else no trees will be generated!)
  6. Start Minecraft and type the following:
    /mv create world_floating normal -s 0 -g TerrainControl
    (You can try different seeds, for example -s 1234567 or any other random number)
  7. The server log should say INFO TerrainControl: settings for ‘world_floating’ loaded

More screenshots – Normal version

More screenshots – Rocky version



  • The spawn location is usually in the air so you will most probably fall to your death when starting for the first time.
    Type /gamemode yourname 1 and double-jump to fly to a save location.
  • To set an alternate spawn in a safe location using multiverse type /mv set spawn
  • Using custom seeds you may have to fly for a bit before finding land.
  • The screenshots were taken from seed “0” at location somewhere around X:1300 Z:1100.

3 Comments on “TerrainControl Skylands preset/config for Minecraft CraftBukkit”

  1. AETech says:

    Nice, how would I make the islands bigger?

  2. For usage with Singleplayer Forge TerainControl, just the usual way of putting it in TerrainControl/worlds and then creating a TerrainControl world named world_floating, correct?

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