XBoxMouse Simulator V1.42 – Minor Update


  • The mouse speed decrease multiplier now also works with the RB button! I don’t know why I didn’t include this the last time.
  • Mouse scrolling has been reworked. It now features a soft “nudge” when slightly moving the joystick and accelerates after a certain point. Both acceleration and the start of acceleration is configurable in the ini file! Please use small values with decimals if you are tinkering with the values.

Get it here!


2 Comments on “XBoxMouse Simulator V1.42 – Minor Update”

  1. Paft says:

    Good stuff! Thank you.

    • nirklars says:

      Hey Paft, get the later V1.42.1 I fixed an annoyance when the controller goes into battery saving. It had a tendency to scroll upward. It has now been fixed.
      Best Regards

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