AutoCAD LT 2012 repair/restore nordic fonts – ÅÆØÅÄÖ shown as question marks

Update 2015-12-14
This is not the proper way to solve this issue. Please follow this guide instead!


Typing any nordic symbols in AutoCAD 2012 using the ISO.SHX font will result in incorrectly displaying a question mark instead. “ÅÆØÅÄÖ  is shown as “??????
SV: Om man skriver ÅÆØÅÄÖ i AutoCAD LT 2012 visas endast frågetecken. ÅÄÖ fungerar inte i AutoCAD 2012

Manual Solution

Copy the following files to your %ProgramFiles%\Autodesk\AutoCAD LT 2012 – English\Fontsfolder. If you are running any other versions of AutoCAD please find the similar directory.
%ProgramFiles% is a global variable for the Program Files folder which can be named differently depending on your Windows operating system.

Download zip archive (mirror)

“Automatic” Self Extractor for AutoCAD LT 2012

Please note that this patch is for AutoCAD LT 2012. If you are running an alternate version please make sure that you have the correct destination folder!
This self-extractor will overwrite existing files! Make sure to backup before.

Download self extractor (mirror)


These fonts are the property of Autodesk.
I claim “fair use” for distributing the fonts since Nordic fonts were properly supported in previous versions and that this “bug” has caused a lot of hassle for many users.
If you are from Autodesk and wish for me to remove them please contact me.


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